The Philadelphia 76ers were able to finish the Charlotte Hornets 118-111 on Wednesday for a perfect 3-0 road trip, but it came with some lumps

They led most of the way and the game eventually ended in what the team wanted, which was a win, but the third quarter was a bit of a disappointment and the team also allowed Charlotte to close unnecessarily late as they led with up to 24, but the Hornets got back on, and the lead was only seven in the third quarter

Perhaps human nature has arrived and they let their foot off the gas a little

“I think a bit of both,” coach Doc Rivers said after the win. “I think they came out early with a lot more energy. I thought our defense discouraged them early on and then I guess they got into that Halfway through came and said “guys, let’s keep playing” and they came out and played with great energy, more energy than us, which was clear then they start shooting and get some confidence ”

When a team makes it big in the NBA, there are a lot of cases where one team just relaxes and the other team lets go, and that’s where the Sixers found themselves on the road

“A combination,” said veteran Tobias Harris. “I thought that in combination we relaxed by doing lots of 3s and getting lots of the 50/50 basketballs that were off the floor Overall, I see this as a moment in the game where we’ve kind of pumped the brakes up a bit, and we shouldn’t have ”

The Hornets have plenty of assault weapons on their roster, led by Gordon Hayward, Devonte Graham, LaMelo Ball and others Philadelphia must realize that just because they grew up doesn’t mean the game is over and it must go on

“You can definitely say that,” added Shake Milton. “I don’t think we were okay with the little things and we stopped paying attention to the details. In this league, they won’t stop so they had a couple of shots, they got back on, but luckily we have great leaders and we have held onto a win but we have to get better and we know that ”

At the end of the day, a win is a win and the team was perfect on the road trip. In the end, it comes down to it when all is said and done

“It’s a win, but at the same time it’s a game where we also have to understand the big picture of where we are going,” added Harris. “When we are big, we have to keep those leads throughout the game””

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