On the way to the playoffs, head coach Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs were already No. 1 won 1 seed in the AFC and home advantage through the playoffs So he decided to rest his starters and gave former Georgia cornerback Deandre Baker the chance to play. He suffered a gruesome injury after being incomplete and was carted off the field. p>

There was no contact, never a good sign, and reports have surfaced that Baker broke his left thigh. The upcoming rehab for Deandre will be long, with recovery from a fractured femur often taking up to ten months can

Baker was removed from the Chiefs’ training squad this week as the Chiefs needed defenders for the game that was considered meaningless to them.The Chiefs signed Baker earlier this year after he was charged with armed robbery The previous first round election was cut by the New York Giants after the allegations initially surfaced

Baker struggled during his rookie season, but that’s common with defensive backs.He definitely played well last night before the injury and could possibly have put together enough to run on Chiefs opening day next season

Even so, Baker is now going through a long period of rehab, and we here at Dawgs Daily on SI are hoping for Baker’s return to the field later

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Deandre Baker

World News – USA – Deandre Baker suffers gruesome injuries in NFL return

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