After eight years with the Morning Edition of NPR and even longer with NPR as a whole, co-host and correspondent David Greene is leaving the media conglomerate.He announced in early 2020 that he would be on the show for the last time on December Will be performing on 29, 2020, but longtime fans who knew about his job before he became such a recognized name on NPR are wondering why he is leaving in the first place

David started working for NPR in 2005 while covering George W Bush’s second term in the White House.He continued to work in Moscow as a foreign correspondent for NPR and later became a permanent fixture on the Morning Edition, but now he’s ready to move on , and his absence is already lamented by his fans and former co-hosts

In October 2020, David announced to NPR and the world that he would be stepping down to focus on other projects at the time, he did not explain what those other projects would be, but is after nearly 10 years with Morning Edition he is likely willing to move on to other things that will further his journalistic career in other ways. He told those at NPR that quitting was the “hardest decision” of his career

In 2015 he published the book Midnight in Siberia A Train Journey into the Heart of Russia about his travels through Russia as a correspondent in Moscow.In the book, David describes the train journey from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian Line and the various people he met on the way

It is possible that David is using his time outside of the Morning Edition to write another book on his extensive work, but so far he has not said that much

During his final episode of the Morning Edition, David’s co-hosts looked back on his entire career and praised him for all of his ongoing work

“In this work we sometimes talk about reach, which means that the moderator or reporter is able to cover, for example, the uprising in Libya, and sometimes even just a few days later a conversation with an author or one Film director leads or a musician, and you do it so seamlessly, my friend, “said one of David’s co-hosts

David admitted how difficult it would be to move on from the show and NPR, but reiterated on the final episode that he was ready to do so, however, it doesn’t make it easier for his now-former co-hosts, and it does It couldn’t be easier for the tons of fans who were on Twitter to say goodbye to the longtime presenter and reporter

How much does my family love @NPR? Our family text stream just blew up with a conversation about @ nprgreene’s last day on NPR, his plans for the future, and how sad we will be not to hear him regularly. We wish you all the best, David Greene!

David was one of the four hosts of the Morning Edition for eight years, so getting someone to fill their shoes probably won’t be easy. Even so, NPR was keen to conduct a nationwide search of the US to find someone replacing him on the show whoever his successor may be will probably not be featured until after 2020, but if they are anything like David they too will find plenty of love among the audience

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