The NBA season is still early and a lot of teams are figuring out what works and what doesn’t. One of those teams that is still trying to identify is the Dallas Mavericks

Currently, the Dallas Mavericks sit outside the playoffs and are one of the many teams still trying to figure something out. One thing the team knows is that Luka is still Luka The All-Star Guard has on average still a triple-double and is just one of the little highlights for this early NBA season

The Dallas Mavericks have the potential to be among the top 3 teams in the Western Conference if they play their cards right. Without the presence of Kristaps Porzingis, the Mavs can sort it all out

Here are three things the team needs to do now to get back on track:

Currently, the Dallas Mavericks are in the bottom 10 for rebounds per game.One reason for this issue is the lack of KP While the forward’s return is still unknown, there is a way the team can resolve its issues : Start the center Willie Cauley-Stein

Against the Houston Rockets alone, the Mavs Center averaged seven rebounds and 15 points in just 24 minutes. Compare that to the current starting center Dwight Powell, Powell played against the Rockets for 15 minutes and scored two rebounds and two points

For the season, both players are an average of 39 rebounds a game The difference is that Powell does this 20 minutes per game, as opposed to Willie who does the same in 13 4 minutes when Cauley Stone is on the ground, the team has proven to be more aggressive

The open space he added was also a plus. His contribution has not gone unnoticed and it’s time Willie got started if they are to settle for perimeter centers in the league

Another way the team is focusing on win now mode is for Hardaway to run the second unit off the bench Now I get it, Hardaway Jr is too valuable as a starter to sit on the bench, but let’s examine that

Against the missiles, Hardaway Jr came off the bench and had one of his best performances. He shot 786 off the field and walked 8 for 10 behind the arch. To top it off, he had seven rebounds

While this can be a one-time notification, it can actually work for the Dallas Mavericks if Team Hardaway Jr To lead the second unit he will be the main goal scorer and it will allow him to take command while players like Luka rest

It increases the bank points for the team and the team’s points per game.This would also allow other players like Maxi Kleber and Jalen Brunson to switch to the starting role and gain more valuable time and progress

Guard Jalen Brunson currently averages 117 points per game and has proven to be a valuable asset in the given time. With more than 20 minutes per game, Brunson has an average of 23 minutes7 points

On 30 December against the Charlotte Hornets, the Mavs Guard played 20 minutes in the game and scored 16 points while the time was given. A week later against the Chicago Bulls, Brunson played a total of 38 minutes and collected 31 points for the team in both games, he was averaging over 40 percent behind the arch

Since his comeback after his injury last season, his production for the team has really exceeded expectations and if he has the time he has proven that every minute is worth it. If the team wants to win now, it has to be every minute Get kind of points it can, and Brunson is just the player who improves the offense for the team

If the team wants to improve their current problems, they must focus on these three scenarios if they want to win now. While this may not fix everything, it is the starting point until KP is back to full strength

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