The contract details apply to the new Patriots Wide Receiver Kendrick Bourne As is so often the case, the full breakdown gives a different picture than the total numbers suggest

Bourne is said to have originally signed a three-year deal with the Patriots worth $ 22.5 million but the base value is actually $ 15 million and only $ 5 million is guaranteed Bourne will receive all of his guaranteed money in the first year

But there are several ways for Bourne to make a lot more than just the guaranteed money. Here is the year-to-year breakdown of the contract, according to Mike Reiss:

2021: $ 1 million salary, 750$ 000 roster bonuses (44$ 117) 65 per game) 2022: $ 3.5 million salary, 750$ 000 roster bonuses (44$ 117) 65 per game) 2023: $ 4 million salary, 750$ 000 roster bonuses (44$ 117) 65 per game)

If Bourne plays every game for the next three seasons, he’ll earn $ 15 million with the remaining $ 7 5 million tied up in incentives and escalators, according to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, Bourne can earn up to $ 1 5 million per season at Incentives based on catches and yards In addition, he can earn an escalator with a base salary of $ 3 million in 2023

Assuming all incentives are classified as “probably not deserved,” only Bourne’s salary and bonuses will count towards the 2021 salary cap Based on the numbers above, Bourne’s 2021 cap hit will be $ 317 Million

That’s a long way of saying: The Patriots’ dizzying spending spree on Monday (and even Hunter Henry’s signing) doesn’t stop them from continuing to add free agents for 2021. Scroll down for a list of notable free agents show that are still available

Chances are Golladay might enter into an elite-level contract that would likely price the Patriots out at the same time, Golladay kept struggling to stay on the field (he’s 11 years old on average, 8 games per season) when he’s up the field is he is one of the best players in the league when he receives threats He would go well with what the Patriots like in an “X” receiver, but the question is the price

Smith-Shoemaker’s antics outside of games can affect some people. But if Belichick can get Smith-Shoemaker to put the phone down, the Steelers receiver would be an ideal target for the Patriots offense. His ability and willingness to get over the middle of the Playing at the field might be attractive enough for Belichick to land him a major assignment in New England

Samuel is one of the most underrated commodities in football he’s had a 77 catch season for rebuilding Panthers The Patriots could offer him a competitive deal without breaking the bank and Belichick would know what he is with a player like him supposed to do

Like Gilmore, Reddick is a former top 15 player (Jan. Overall rank 2017) and is just beginning to hold its own, noticing 125 sacks and 16 QB hits in 2020 when compared to other top pass rushers on the market, however, Reddick may fly under the radar compared to its peers, which seems like it a good time for the patriots to extract the value they expect from high-end freelance agent signing

Belichick must love Jones’ consistency, averaging 67 catches, 962 yards, and eight touchdowns per 16 games over the past six seasons.He has played at least 13 games five times since 2014 and has never been among the league’s best and most reliable receivers mentioned, but it does the job Sounds like a patriot

As with Garoppolo, familiarity is a big plus for Brissett. He had great success as a starter for the Colts.Brissett is at least competent at throwing the football, so he would certainly be an improvement over Cam Newton, but ideally he’d come with a pimple high draft in the QB room It shouldn’t take much to sign it, either

This is kind of a free agent of Belichick Trubisky’s stocks are after joining the NFL as the No. 2 overall pick.He hasn’t played enough games or shown nearly enough consistency to toss the ball and act as the franchise quarterback Belichick likes the Love the challenge of making Trubisky the player he should be But if the Patriots go that route, they should have a good Plan B

If Bill Belichick wants a veteran tight end that can catch, he can think of Cook as his best potential return on investment.As much as Belichick is likely to want Hunter Henry, he’s going to be quite expensive and can cook Cook as a similar player with similar production at a price that’s below the top of the market, but Cook was still solid last season with a 37-504-7 line, so it’s sure to cost more than the bargain hunters

The five-time pro bowler only played three games before a torn biceps prematurely ended his 2020 season. Casey is now 31 and has a serious injury He doesn’t need significant financial investments.This could be a classic partnership between Belichick and a proven veteran who needs to get back on track, however, if Casey is looking to win a Super Bowl, he’s got several applicants better than New England

One type of free agent Bill Belichick should still be attracting is an established veteran whose stocks have fallen and who needs to get his career going again.Short has missed 27 games with shoulder problems in the last two seasons, but as of 2014 By 18 he was one of the most disruptive defensive tackles in football.If he can only find a one-year deal, his best bet may be to re-establish himself under Belichick’s coaching and then get paid again in 2022

Wilson went from being an unprotected linebacker to an all-down linebacker in his first four years with the Vikings, so the hard work pays off for the 26-year-old who should have a solid long-term deal – he won’t be getting that much cost like the Lavonte Davids of the world and his best football could still be ahead of him (Adam Bettcher / Getty Images)

Everett’s take-up numbers and blockings have steadily improved over his first four years in the NFL.He still has untapped potential as a combo tight-end and probably won’t get an expensive deal the Patriots could easily pay him well and a solid, established one Need man to team up with Devin Asiasi and Dalton Keene

If you remember, the Patriots reportedly went to Humphries (and a number of other free agent slot recipients) But eventually he signed a four-year deal with the Titans with a $ 12 million guarantee. He only lasted two seasons and only played 19 games from 2019-20. Humphries may have landed on the territory of the “One-Year Prove-It Deal” Perfect time, to expect Belichick to strike

Campbell started his career as an external linebacker but has since moved in. He has had one of his better seasons with the Cardinals, starting all 16 games and putting up a total of 99 tackles (seven for the loss) It would be an instant upgrade for the Patriots Defense (Ezra Shaw / Getty Images)

Here’s an opportunity for Belichick to poach a nice player from the enemy Murphy is the size Belichick has loved in the past on the defensive end (6-foot-6, 260 pounds) He managed eight combo sacks and QB hits in 2020 despite only playing 10 games and 32 percent of the defensive snaps.He would be a useful piece for a line of defense that has been lacking a player of his type in recent years (Grant Halverson / Getty Images)

It might finally be time for the Patriots to sign Tate, which has been ranked well-suited for years.Unfortunately, Tate’s best days may be behind him.He turns 33 in August, and his yards and catches have been for three consecutive seasons It won’t cost much though, and at this point they would include any type of incumbent receiver in the mix

We had Wolfe as a candidate to sign with the Patriots in 2020.He signed with Denver while the Pats chose Beau Allen.Wolfe is back on the open market and likely won’t get more than a one-year deal.He could end up like Allen , or he could be a solid interior decorator in the Pats 3-4 looks. Wolfe goes better with roles they tried out with Deatrich Wise and Lawrence Guy in recent years (Justin Edmonds / Getty Images)

This list is more focused on the front seven, but King is an interesting option for the secondary and specialty teams His versatility as a returnee would be attractive to Belichick He has already brought back a versatile defensive off the Chargers, why not another? (Harry How / Getty Images)

The Patriots are not exactly thin on the run, Damien Harris and Sony Michel are still under contract.But if either of those two doesn’t become the new go-back, the Patriots will have to find that item on the list for a re-signing from James White or Rex Burkhead may be preferable, but Johnson would be a decent Plan B to add some feedback with experience

This is an earlier third pick in the NFL Draft, so the upward trend is still there for 25-year-old Thomas.But the Niners struggled to find a fit for him for the first four years and he never got down to earth and left him with the dreaded “Bust” label – at least in San Francisco. But for the Patriots, Thomas would be a perfect opportunity to transform him into something that works at the NFL level and that for little money (Otto Greule Jr / Getty Images)

Perriman’s shares, a former first-round player who switched between four teams in his career, couldn’t be lower after his catches and yards dropped to 30-505 with just three touchdowns in 2020 he’s the kind of recipient on which the patriots would take a flyer in free hand

Erickson has been a guy to watch out for with the Patriots since Tom Brady played here.He is the fast, rugged, versatile slot receiver that Belichick likes and he would have a great chance of making the team one make affordable contract

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