In one of the most recent lawsuits in Hollywood, a young woman came forward and filed a lawsuit against Stand- in the LA Courts Comedian and “You” actor Chris D’Elia lawsuit alleges he had sex and requested pictures of the girl in 2014 when she was only 17 and he was 34
The suit claims the two came in contact when the girl named Jane Doe in the suit contacted D’Elia via Instagram and it surprisingly replied that he allegedly started soliciting nude pictures of Jane and received up to 100 over the next several months Then he invited her to one of his comedy shows and previously invited her to his room where they had sex.According to the lawsuit, Jane Doe told D’Elia that she was only 17 years old (and there were numerous Instagram’s too Photos of her in high school and Spirit Week that D’Elia commented on) to which he replied “hot” ”

Jane Doe made a statement to USA Today about the suit, saying, “Chris D’Elia misused his status and fame to attract, take advantage of and manipulate me when I was of a vulnerable age,” drove she continues, “I want all the other girls out there to know that they are not alone, and it is time to get justice for the mental and physical strain he has put on us”

D’Elia’s attorney claims his client is innocent and he looks forward to defending him in court

This suit comes just months after many women on Twitter accused him of the same behavior.A Twitter user alleged D’Elia requested explicit pictures of her despite knowing she was a minor and two others alleged that he exposed himself to them without their consent

At the time, D’Elia posted a video denying claims: “I know it looks bad and doesn’t show the full scope of what is happening“I stand by the fact that all of my relationships were consensual and legal, and it is. That’s the truth”

The first round of allegations came after season two of the popular Netflix show “You,” starring Chris D’Elia, came out a creepy guy who abuses and solicits explicit pictures of an underage girl

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