LA Clippers security guard Luke Kennard has agreed to a four-year contract renewal for $ 64 million Agents Aaron Mintz and Dave Spahn of CAA Sports told ESPN

The deal includes $ 56 million in guaranteed money, with much of the additional $ 8 million in incentives considered achievable, the agents said

Kennard’s representatives at CAA Sports, Mintz, Spahn and Steven Heumann ended negotiations with the Clippers on Monday afternoon before 6 p.m. ET deadline for rookie additions to the 2017 class

Kennard came to the Clippers in a draft night trade with the Detroit Pistons where he had his best professional season a year ago Kennard averaged 158 points on 40% 3-point shooting in 2019-2020 a player whom the Clippers aimed to improve their formation on the wing

Kennard’s ability to keep the ground clear and slide between shooters and small strikers is crucial to complement Clippers stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in the franchise’s chase

Luke Kennard

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