Posted: 18:17 GMT, Jan. March 2021 | Updated: 18:34 GMT, Jan. March 2021

Chrissy Teigen gives the community back the best it can – through food

On Saturday, Cravings founder and husband John Legend was in New York City renting out a struggling Lower East Side restaurant called Panna II for a night out

Teigen got a bit playful under the establishment’s extravagant light decorations and let go of it while he dined in a very couture Versace top

Date Night: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are renting a struggling NYC home for a date night while she’s gagged over Indian food in Versace

Teigen had no qualms about dining in the prized house, where Christmas lights and other ornaments hang from the ceiling all year round

She was trying to reassure her followers when she wrote, “We rented this restaurant and supported this beautiful house in the Lower East!”

New York has reopened indoor dining with no more than 35% capacity, and LA may be following suit as soon as next week

Sarah Hyland of Modern Family commented that she grew up around the corner from town, and Joe Jonas wife Sophie Turner wrote, “The BEST food ‘

be careful! The immaculate Versace garment seemed like a risky choice given the nature of the sometimes messy meal

Many thanked her for supporting the East Village Gem, which is about to close One follower wrote, “Did you save it?” and another letter helps keep it open ‘

Panna II had taken over the neighboring Indian-Bangladeshi area called Milon, which could not be reopened after closing in March, according to EV Grieve – just one of many companies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

While eating with her husband, Teigen wore a cream-colored, puffy tulle top – a risky choice given the nature of the meal – and heeled skinny jeans

Feeling playful: The always humorous Cravings founder danced stiffly to Indian music as she joked, “An honor to be on the Versace show, thank you for having me !!!”

Dressed to Impress: She looked very glamorous while eating as she recorded her restaurant outing on social media

She was seen dancing stiffly to Indian music joking that it was “an honor to be on the Versace show, thank you for having me !!!”

At one point, Teigen was seen balancing a spoon on her nose as she showed her talent to the camera

Chrissy recorded a video of her and John moving her shoulders to the beat of the music

Their children Luna (four) and Miles (two) appeared to be back in their penthouse apartment, which the couple bought for $ 7 last spring7M

Life: She has been in high spirits for the past few weeks after her tragic miscarriage in September

Balancing act: The mother of two showed the camera a talent when she balanced a spoon on her nose

Minute in New York: Teigen threw a John a Hooters-themed party at her New York residence on Friday night

Nice to be back: even though she was only there for a quick getaway, she said the place feels like home and shows her view of the penthouse pictured friday

Field Trip: She and John took the kids to their local fire station for a fun visit on Friday

While in town, she tossed John a Hooters-themed birthday party at her apartment and joked that she was “back to [her] roots” having once hosted it

She seemed empowered to be back on the east coast after almost a year, calling it “home” while showing her point of view

In the past few months for Teigen after her tragic miscarriage in late September, she has slowly rebuilt

The earlier model started on sobriety, took up riding as a form of therapy, and even took over a new fashion-related company that designed their own line of robes

Moving On: The previous model started off sobriety, took up riding as a form of therapy, and even took over a new fashion-related company that designed their own line of robes shown with legend 6 March

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