WASHINGTON â ???? President Donald Trump’s confidante, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, said Sunday the president should end his litigation and question the election results and concede President-elect Joe Biden

“Look, I was a supporter of the president, I voted for him twice, but elections have ramifications and we can’t go on pretending that something happened here that didn’t,” Christie said in ” This week with George Stephanopoulos “

“They claim fraud outside of the courtroom, but when they go into the courtroom they don’t plead fraud and they don’t argue for fraud,” Christie said, adding, “You have a duty to bring the evidence that the evidence has has not been introduced “

Trump has claimed that the US. The presidential election was fraught with “massive inappropriateness and fraud” and therefore rejected the results. Other senior officials such as Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have publicly insisted that the election is not over. The Trump campaign continues to enforce the integrity of the elections a number of legal steps in question in different battlefield states

On Saturday, a federal judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a lawsuit filed by Trump’s campaign attempting to block the state’s certification of millions of votes.The judge’s decision is another building block in the crumbling building that Trump is already making The attempt is to invalidate enough ballot papers in enough states to undo Biden’s election victory

US. Sen Pat Toomey, R-Pa, said in a statement that the judge’s decision upheld, “Joe Biden won the 2020 election and will be the 46th election President of the United States “

“I congratulate President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris on their victory. They are both dedicated officials and I will pray for them and for our country,” added Toomey,

The Trump campaign and its allies have now lost or withdrawn more than 30 lawsuits that were part of that effort

Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell listed a series of fraud allegations during an interview on Newsmax TV Saturday, alleging that Powell was Republican Georgia Gov Brian Kemp may have been involved in setbacks against officials but did not provide details

“Sidney Powell, who accuses Governor Brian Kemp of a crime on television but is unwilling to go on television and defend and present the evidence she allegedly has,” is “outrageous behavior,” Christie said

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Chris Christie

World News – USA – Chris Christie urges Trump to end election lawsuits, calls his legal team “national embarrassment”

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/22/chris-christie-tells-trump-its-time-to-end-legal-fights-over-election.html