There are many ways to measure a receiving season on a tight NFL end. However you look at what Travis Kelce of the Chiefs did in the 2020 regular season and the 2021 playoffs, he has just achieved the best single annual performance the position has ever seen

Kelce set a record for tight-end receptions with 105 out of 145 goals, surpassing his own 2018 mark, 103 out of 150 goals.He also set the record for getting yards in a season with 1416 on That was the second highest total in the NFL in 2020, behind just Bill’s wide receiver Stefon Diggs’ 1535 yards

Kelce also scored 11 TDs, earning him fifth place in the league, with another close finish, the Packers’ Robert Tonyan which is the only number Kelce didn’t get into the “Triple Crown” of all time for a close Got the end

Jimmy Graham and Tony Gonzalez each posted several big seasons, Zach Ertz and Dallas Clark have also crept into the upper tier of single-season tight-end brilliance

But the only one that can compare to what Kelce did to dominate 2020 is another famous No 87, Rob Gronkowski.His 2011 season with the Patriots was the standard for a while: 90 catches to 124 Goals, 1327 receiving yards and the tight-end record of 18 TDs in total (one of them is racing)

So it depends on whether Kelce made up for the inequality in the scoring with his other numbers.First, Kelce had only 15 games as Chiefs with the No. 1 playing 1 seed in hand, resting him against the chargers in week 17 Second, the 2011 Patriots (513 points) clearly outperformed the 2020 Chiefs (473 points)

Gronkowski scored 21 percent of his team’s points at the time. The other offensive Patriots then joined up for 39 TDs, with BenJarvus Green-Elllis (11 TDs) and wide receiver Wes Welker (9 TDs) next on the list

Kelce scored 14 percent of his team’s points.But one reason he didn’t score is because Tyreek Hill, the chief’s recipient, led the team with 15 TDs. Only eight other chiefs received TDs, 14 total. p>

How Gronkowski was with Welker for Tom Brady, Kelce was the co-go-to guy with Hill for Patrick Mahomes How much Gronkowski and Kelce have scored relative to the rest of the team does not lead to a split consistency however it does

Kelce either scored a touchdown or had 70 yards or more in 14 of 15 games in 2020, had a “bad” game and only got 3 passes for 31 yards in a router over the Broncos in week 7 He averaged 944 yards per game / p>

Gronkowski scored no goal in six of 16 games in 2011 despite the 18 TDs. He was kept to less than 70 yards in five of 16 games. Gronk averaged 829 meters per game

What is interesting is that despite his retirement before returning to the Buccaneers for this season, Gronkowski is a little older than Kelce’s age at 31 with his injuries, Gronkowski has played in 131 regular season games, just 20 more than Kelce’s 111 Gronkowski added three Super Bowl rings to Kelce’s Durability was a major factor in the success of Kelce

Then remember, the Patriots didn’t win in 2011 after Gronkowski’s monster season and were upset by the Giants for the second time in five years in the Super Bowl, Kelce can still wrap up his season with one more championship and a re-ring

At the narrow end, there were few consistently detectable forces; Kelce has turned out to be one like Gronkowski, and both will be re-compared as Pro Football Hall of Famers in the future. It would only be fitting for Kelce to confirm that Kelce and the Chiefs are the had best tight-end season ever, defeating Gronkowski’s Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55


World News – USA – Chiefs’ Travis Kelce, not Rob Gronkowski, now has the best season to close in NFL history