It’s fun to have boastful rights to family and friends but want to see how you hold up against some celebrities?

We’re tracking celebrity brackets for the 2021 NCAA tournament, both in our Bracket Challenge game and when celebrities share their finished brackets

The 44 President has all four No. 1 seeds reach the Final Four, where he believes Gonzaga will be the best Illinois in the title game

But he sees some surprises in the earlier rounds Obama has No 13 Ohio defeated No 12 UCSB for a spot in the Sweet 16 He also has No 6 USC in the Elite Eight in the same region

The NBA legend really likes the Big Ten Wade doesn’t think Gonzaga will make history and end up unbeaten.Instead, he believes the Big Ten will make up three of the four Final Four teams: Illinois, Michigan and Ohio State

He has Michigan Gonzaga in a No. beat 1 vs. No 1 fight in the national semifinals before the Wolverines against Illinois to win the national title. If this matchup takes place, it will be the first intra-conference final since Kansas beat Oklahoma in 1988

Champion: No. 8 LSUFinal Four: No. 1 Gonzaga, No. 1 Illinois, No. 5 Villanova, No. 8 LSU

If someone like Cinderella was anywhere in LSU, it would have to be Shaq

Former Tiger picked LSU to go all the way 1 Michigan, No. 4 Florida State, No 3 Texas, No. 1 Gonzaga, and No. 1 Illinois on the way to National Title

But those aren’t his only surprises Shaq likes No 11 Syracuse reaches the Elite Eight He also has No. 5 Villanova goes to the Final Four

James likes a pair of No. 1 seeds in the final against Gonzaga to beat Illinois. He also has two No. 3 seeds in the national semifinals in Arkansas and Texas

He wasn’t afraid of surprises No 11 Syracuse, No 10 VCU and No 7 UConn are all in his Sweet 16

Parker believes Gonzaga will be the first team to go undefeated in Indiana since 1975/76. With their Final Four of Gonzaga, Alabama, Baylor and Illinois, Parker lets the Bulldogs beat the Illinois in the final

Although Parker’s bracket no ends 1 total seed, which cuts the nets, she has problems early on. She has both No. 12 UCSB and No. 12 Winthrop advances to the Sweet 16 – where both are in front of No. 1 seed

Evans likes the expected favorites in this one, with Elite Eight teams made up of four No. 1 consist of 1 seed, two Nr 2 seeds, and two Nr 3 seeds

In the Final Four, Evans believes Illinois will beat Baylor and Gonzaga to face the Bulldogs’ undefeated season in the final game – and win the title for themselves

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