Alden Gonzalez explains the motivations for the Cardinals and Angels to agree to a Dexter Fowler deal (1:00)

ANAHEIM, California – The Los Angeles Angels acquired veteran outfielder Dexter Fowler from St Louis Cardinals on Thursday nights for cash or a player named later

Fowler beat 233 with four homers and 15 RBIs in 23 games last season, his fourth with St Louis the stunning former Rockies and Cubs slugger is a career 259 hitter with 127 homers and 561 RBIs

Fowler, who turns 35 next month, can play all three field positions.Although Fowler’s production has declined in recent years, the Angels see the veterans as an important leader for their clubhouse and a short-term fix in the right area to keep them Jo Adell and Brandon Marsh can give more time to develop smaller leagues

“He’s a great person and an energetic player,” said Angels general manager Perry Minasian, “In a 162-game season, energy is important and this guy brings that smile, that energy, and we still think he does We think there’s still a lot in the tank The homework we’ve done, he’s put a lot of work into this off-season So that he waives his no-trade clause it’s an honor “

Dexter Fowler will be hoping to get back in shape when he reunites with former manager Joe Maddon in Anaheim. Fowler produced three times as many WARs with the Cubs as he did with the Cardinals – in 108 fewer games

He will be entering his 13th year of a five-year deal for $ 82 million in the final year start full season in big league He has $ 145 million salary in 2021 and St Louis remains responsible for the final two installments of $ 1 million of his $ 10 million signing bonus, which expired on Jan. July and October are due 1

As part of the deal, the cardinals agreed to pay the angels $ 12.75 million in 12 installments of 1062500 USD on 15 and last day of each month from April to September

Fowler’s switch-hitting skills are a counterpart to right-handed Angels outfielders Mike Trout, Justin Upton and Adell Taylor Ward are also expected to battle for a squad spot on the Halos outfield in spring training
The Halos’ best vantage point, 21-year-old Adell battled as an everyday right-back 161 with a 478 OPS over 38 games on his Major League debut last season / p>

“We like [Fowler] in the right field and we have a feeling he will add a lot to the lineup offensively,” said Minasian. “We feel very good about Jo. We believe Jo will have an outstanding career, and we have a feeling that sometime this year he will have an impact on this club “

Fowler received his only All-Star selection and his only World Series ring in Chicago under current Angels manager Joe Maddon in 2016

Fowler is the third veteran to play under Maddon on an earlier stop to join the Angels this off-season, along with ex-Cubs starter Jose Quintana and ex-Rays starter Alex Cobb Minasian and Maddon are just about to go Started working together three months ago, but the rookie GM says their philosophies are already pretty similar

“We want a certain type of player, and I think Joe and I really agree on that,” Minasian said. “We want a certain type of makeup, a certain mentality, and when he puts his stamp on those players, they become more desirable “

Fowler only spent one season of his career in the American League and played for Houston in 2014

Dexter Fowler

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