The race for the 2021 NCAA Men’s National Championship is officially underway as UCLA, Gonzaga, Houston and Baylor compete in the Final Four on Saturday with a mission to move forward

Gonzaga wins the USC Trojans after taking an 85-66 win on all cylinders Tuesday night, but that W was expected as the Bulldogs wanted to win the Elite 8 matchup

March No. 1 Overall Madness [Gonzaga] is the all-round favorite to win it all this year So where is UCLA?

The Bruins have won all five games of the NCAA tournament against Michigan State, BYU, ACU, Alabama, and Michigan. Two of those games [Michigan State and Michigan] were close wins for the Bruins, with UCLA six points ahead or less won over their competition

The No. 11 Seed is the second team to ever move from the top four to the last four, but many believe their journey could end tonight

Sports Illustrated’s Kevin Sweeny describes the best scenario for UCLA if they want to leave the Final Four behind them

“The best case for UCLA against Gonzaga is simply to be in the game and have a chance to win in the final minutes”How can the Bruins get to this point? They become the trio of Juzang, Jaime Jaquez Jr, Need, and Tyger Campbell to play near-perfect basketball The three-point shot can be a great equalizer in a game like this, and Juzang, Jaquez, Jules Bernard and David Singleton all had brilliant moments from the depths of this tournament meanwhile, UCLA controls Somehow the pace forces Gonzaga to execute on half the pitch and doesn’t give up on the groundbreaking 10-0 run. If the Bruins do all of these things, they have a chance. Of course, all of this is easier said than done “

The odds are not in UCLA’s favor as many believe Gonzaga will come out dominant and crush the Pac-12 Bruins

March Madness can be an unpredictable situation, but UCLA did well late in games, playing big games and running when it mattered most

Tenacity, talent, hard work and maybe a little luck have got the Bruins this far. Now fans will have to wait and see if UCLA can actually get the angry win that USC didn’t

The winner of UCLA vs. Gonzaga Final Four Matchup will advance to the final round of March Madness and play against the Baylor Bears

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