When Joe Biden on 20 Inaugurated on January 1st, 2021, the nation breathed a sigh of relief.This had largely to do with the fact that the President of the United States was no longer a psychopath who had only recently attempted to overthrow the government, but equally important was the fact that after four long years In the desert animals – especially dogs – were finally welcomed back to the White House

Yes, while Donald Trump was the first President since 1897 to live at any time on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue without ever having a dog and routinely vilified ex-employees and other perceived enemies by comparing them to dogs who his tweeted enemies had “choked like a dog” were dumped like a dog? had been fired like a dog and kicked out of the ABC News debate like a dog Biden rolled to the front door with his two best friends, the German shepherds Major and Champ

And life was good for a few weeks. But then, on Tuesday, a disturbing report came out from CNN about Major and a “biting incident” Involvement of a member of White House security was even more worrying to hear that Major and Champ, who supposedly preferred to travel in pairs, later went to the Biden family home in Delaware, ie the proverbial dog house, and that seemed really unfair! Sure, biting isn’t great and nobody wants someone to be hurt, but what happened to verbal warnings? Three strikes? Probation periods? Instead, it seemed like the duo had been banned for good with no hope of proving they were indeed good guys, and that seemed like an extremely raw deal that a lot of people were outraged about:

But it turns out that this story does indeed have a happy ending. During Tuesday’s White House press conference, press secretary Jen Psaki briefed reporters that while Major suffocated an unnamed person, he and his brother will be back shortly will be in the White House

Last month, during an appearance with Kelly Clarkson, Jill Biden said that Major and Champ still “agreed” in their new home, which may explain the unusual behavior with the security guards “You have to take the elevator, you are not used to that” Jill said, “And you have to go to South Lawn with lots of people watching you”So this is what I was obsessed with to calm and calm everyone down”

This isn’t the first time Major has made the news for some of his antics Between the election and inauguration, Biden suffered a hair break on his foot after tripping on a carpet that Major slipped on while the two of them fetch He remains a valued member of the Biden Administration

In related news, the Bidens were previously told they would add a cat to the mix, although Psaki told the press corp that they had no new information on the cat front “I have no update on the cat,” she said Tuesday, a revelation the champ and major was probably welcome news at this troubled time

After someone who wasn’t hugged enough as a kid basically hid them in a closet, Pro CNN:

The White House has the official presidential portraits of former President George W. Bush and Bill Clinton hanged again after being removed during the Trump administration last July, an official told CNN they’re on display again in the executive mansion’s grand foyer, the official said the portraits were removed last July and replaced by two Republican portraits Replaced presidents who served more than a century ago

The White House tradition has been for portraits of the youngest American presidents to have the most prominent placement in the Executive Mansion entrance area visible to guests during official events, but Trump’s White House relocated the portraits of Clinton and Bush to the Old Family Dining Room, a small, seldom-used room that most visitors don’t see. With that, the pictures were well outside of Trump’s White House lookout

According to Kevin Liptak, the images will now be visible to the President when he descends the stairs from the private residence on the third floor A daily sight that would apparently have been too much for its predecessor

Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) didn’t buy or sell any shares in his first 13 months as a Congressman that changed in March 2020 when he made half a dozen purchases as the largest economic aid package in history was written and discussed, five these purchases were made in the three days between and 27 On March 8th, when the Senate and House of Representatives voted on the CARES bill and former President Trump signed it into law, Crenshaw, who backed the bill, initially failed to disclose the transactions, which is in violation of the STOCK Act, a law under which members of the Congress must notify the public if they are engaged in securities trades months later, it changed its records to reflect the purchases

The trades that are only listed in one value range add up to a maximum of 120$ 000 and not comparable in size and volume to the types of transactions conducted by Sens before the pandemic Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue They didn’t appear until December, when Crenshaw changed its annual report originally submitted on August date, along with However, Crenshaw’s own trading history and connections to the industry raises questions about why he made the purchases and twice failed to disclose

Members of Congress should not actively trade stocks in the middle of a crisis. It shows that when the market collapses, that person thinks about himself and uses the volatility to his own advantage said Ben Edwards, an expert in securities law and professor at William S Boyd School of Law at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada “We all have limited attention, and if you’re keeping an eye on your stock portfolio then you’re not paying full attention to this crisis or the American people”You requireâ ????

In an email, the Crenshaw communications director questioned the value of the stocks quoted by The Daily Beast, saying, “They relate to financial statements that use a range of”When you report stock purchases, choose the high end of the range to get those 120Get a 000 dollar number The actual number is 30 or less$ 000 one ???? The aide added that [Crenshaw’s] purchases were in no way unethical or had anything to do with official businessâ ????

Maryland Gov Larry Hogan said Tuesday he would lift capacity limits on indoor and outdoor restaurants, retail stores, fitness centers and religious establishments The most dramatic steps to reopen in the region since the rise in coronavirus cases this winter

Infection control experts have said that given the presence of contagious coronavirus variants in the DC. In the region, officials should approach the reopening slowly and cautiously. “As soon as we see numbers going in the wrong direction, we must be ready to step down,” Boris Lushniak, dean of the University of Maryland School of Public Health, said last month / p>

As the Post notes, infection rates have continued to decline in Maryland and Virginia, but DC. There was a slight increase on Tuesday. The good news is that Hogan didn’t follow Texas and Mississippi followed all of Texas and Mississippi Recent moves and the lifting of mask mandates, a practice reserved only for the dumbest governors in the country

The Pfizer BioNTech vaccine neutralizes the Brazilian variant in a laboratory study, as experts warn of rapid spread (Washington Post)

Ex-State Department Employee Appointed by Trump? Richter says (Washington Post)

as he joins the Capitol mob

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Biden Dogs

World News – USA – Retrieve the Dogs: Joe Biden’s dogs have NOT been banned from the White House

Source: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/03/major-biden-biting-incident