The question of whether the powerful DeChambeau would pull out its driver seemed just as convincing as the actual competition

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla – During the second round of the Players Championship on Friday, an entertaining crew of the world’s best golfers battled it out for the tournament leadership.But for a few hours most fans were overwhelmed by something else: whether or not Bryson DeChambeau hit a prudent iron would strike a mighty whip with his driver hole by hole

In this recurring drama, it seemed like most of the 10000 spectators would be allowed on the extensive grounds of the T.C. The Sawgrass golf course was full behind DeChambeau as he stood on a tee pounding the best way to tackle a par-4 or par-5 The tension was palpable and the fans fell silent as DeChambeau walked towards his golf bag

As DeChambeau later explained, when he finally pulled an iron out of his pocket, the reaction was a dejected roar, as if the crowd had seen a child’s just-bought ice cream cone fall to the floor and splash

“It’s always like a big ‘awwww’ for an iron,” said DeChambeau after his round on Friday

What if he pulled his mammoth driver out of his pocket? Think of a climatic movie scene in which a hero finally defeats the villain

It got there on the PGA Tour, and maybe it’s no surprise winning golf is entertainment, but it doesn’t compare to a dose of swashbuckling charisma mixed with the sight of a golf ball smashed up to 350 yards / p>

The DeChambeau Era in Professional Men’s Golf Continues with an overwhelming effect After Friday’s round, Rory McIlroy, a four-time big championship winner who missed the cut, blamed his poor performance on playing too much like DeChambeau,

DeChambeau, the reigning United States Open champion, scored a three-under-par-69 hit on Friday that put him six under and just three strokes behind second-round leader Lee Westwood for the tournament The game was suspended due to darkness on Friday night and a small number of players were unable to complete their second round

DeChambeau, who beat Westwood in a final duel last weekend to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational, is clearly delighted with the attention of the fans, their energy seems to inspire him, although he may not meet the driver that often, as you would like it on the narrow T.C. Sawgrass Layout He jokes freely and cordially with the crowd between shots

“They always ask how many protein shakes I had, which is funny,” he said, “and I always reply with most of the ones I had that day”

Protein shakes are a staple that helped DeChambeau gain 40 pounds last year, despite having now lost at least 15 pounds. As an explanation, DeChambeau said he had only consumed four shakes, or about half of his as of Friday afternoon Admitted four months ago

While DeChambeau scored several extraordinary drives and approach shots on Friday, ending with five birdies and a double bogey, he was disappointed with his ball stroke and went to the practice area shortly after his round three hours later he was still there, hitting balls / p>

When asked if he’ll ever come off the golf course satisfied and skip training after the round, DeChambeau, 27, blurted out, “Never because my brain is – I mean, I’m a perfectionist and I’ll be up to it To stay until the day I die and until the day I stop playing this game That’s how I am I love it about myself ”

He smiled and added, “But at the same time, I’m very worried about things”

Although DeChambeau once again cast a huge shadow over a PGA Tour event, he was far from the only golfer making the news

Viktor Hovland, the rising 23-year-old who is ranked 13th in the world, partially missed the cut on Friday because his mother, who was watching the tournament at home in Norway, noticed a rule violation he had committed in the first round and later pointed this out to him. Your intervention resulted in a two-stroke penalty

Hovland finished Friday at two o’clock for the tournament or two strokes over the cut line. He received the penalty for accidentally throwing his ball off the wrong spot on Thursday in the first round on Thursday Green had played

As is the custom, Hovland had his ball removed from an opponent’s putting line but then he could not replace it in the right place, despite not getting it any closer to the hole or gaining an obvious advantage

According to NBC’s Players Championship broadcast on Friday, Hovland received a call from his mother after the first round and then contacted the PGA Tour officials who reviewed the video of the incident and verified Hovland’s mistakes

“It’s unfortunate I’ve somehow got over that, “Hovland said calmly after shooting 74 on Friday.” I’m just more disappointed that I couldn’t play better “

Hovland was nowhere near as bleak as McIlroy, who shot 75 on Friday after shooting 79 on Thursday Like so many others at this year’s Players Championship, McIlroy had DeChambeau on his mind and he believes the attempt is with DeChambeaus amazing distance keeping up has led to his most recent underperformance game

At the end of last year, according to DeChambeaus US. The open win, McIlroy, already one of the longest players on the tour, changed his swing to add even more mileage to his drives

“I’d be lying if I said it had nothing to do with what Bryson did at US Frankly, “said McIlroy.” I think a lot of people saw that and said, “Whoa, if they set up golf courses this way in the future, it’ll help’ ”

“I thought it was a good thing to get more speed,” he said, “And maybe I got there – to the detriment of a small part of my swing – but I may have to hold it back a little”

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