Moments after a field goal was taken off the board by Ryan Succop when a penalty from the Chief gave the Bucs their first relegation, Brady resigns and finds Gronkowski again.It’s 14: 3 as we near halftime

Tom Brady’s age may ultimately have been a factor when the Buccaneers decided to pass the ball to Jones in fourth at the goal line. Brady has been arguably the best quarterback Sneak has ever had in his career dig over or through a bunch of giant linemen and come out unscathed like Brady.But in recent years the Patriots have played this type of short game less often, perhaps to keep Brady’s health, and today the buccaneers decided against it too

After the Bucs-Aries narrowly missed the Super Bowl dream – a lineman touchdown reception – he ran Ronald Jones II back at the Chiefs on two straight runs at the goal line

Kansas City stuffs the first and then stuns the Tampa crowd and does the same on the next game. This could be a big early momentum shift

The Bucs challenged the call, but the line was so congested that there wasn’t really a view to review or a reason to drop the call in the field

A quick three-and-out streak for Kansas City gave Brady the ball back, and he picks up right where he left off on the touchdown ride

The Bucs are now up front and the Chiefs are pulling back Brady, who may be sensing this, plays a big game – and finds Mike Evans on a deep path through the middle 33-yard win, bet first and goal

Patrick Mahomes only did one of his first six passes, which is not surprising considering he was on the run from the start. In fact, he did almost everything on the run

Mahomes’ only completion took ten feet But he ran three times for eighty feet, all contributing to a quarterback who is not well protected Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles has given the Chiefs a series of lightning glances, including sending both cornerbacks to a third-and-8 Mahomes avoided the pressure, as so often, but had to throw while sprinting, which led to another incompleteness – an arrow for Tyreek Hill that hit Hill in the helmet The pass from the 31-yard line at Tampa Bay was the Chiefs’ best shot in the end zone. The drive ended with a goal from Kansas City Field

Tyreek cannot bring in the first TD of the game as the ball falls off his helmet BildTwittercom / lpNNsq05B6

As New England cries, an old Patriots connection – Brady to Rob Gronkowski – brings the Bucs to the end zone.The 8-yard touchdown brought a masterful run to Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich to the end of the Kansas Citys eager rush of people with screens, quick passes and play-action calls negated

Brady has really found his rhythm now: a 16-yard pass for Antonio Brown, an inside screen for Cameron Brate, and another pass for Brown from the outside moving Tampa Bay right on the field, but when the end zone waved, he found his old friend

And so no one forgets, Brady’s last touchdown pass went to Gronk in a Super Bowl. In the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LII, a defeat for the New England Patriots to the Philadelphia Eagles, Brady found Gronk for a pass that temporarily saved the Patriots brought in the lead

The buccaneers’ hopes of pressuring Mahomes are based on the strategy – a four-man onslaught – put in place by the Chief’s Defense Coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, who when he was with the Giants was the defensive system Staged Tom Brady Choking Out the Post-2007 Super Bowl With the Chiefs’ offensive line watered down by injuries and absences, that path to victory certainly exists for Tampa Bay

Harrison Butker puts us on the board with a 49-yard field goal after a third pass from Mahomes to Tyreek Hill Hill – at full stretch – hit the face mask on the goal line and jumped onto the grass

Big events like the Super Bowl always challenge streaming services, app developers, and others as normal daily traffic increases exponentially. Today is no different

The CBS All Access app, the best way to see the game in the US when you don’t have cable TV or an antenna, appears to be unavailable to a number of users

Hello! The reported technical problems with the service have been resolved Restart your CBS All Access app and you can now go back to streaming.If you’re still having problems, please let us know using * MP

The first national anthem duet in the Super Bowl lasted about 2 minutes and 22 seconds, well over the time the casinos set for the over / under

The length of the song performance is one of the most popular prop bets for any Super Bowl, as is the winner of the coin toss (the Chiefs won) Fans described delays in placing their bets before kick-off Two of the largest online sports betting websites, DraftKings and FanDuel, were experiencing technical issues

FanDuel Statement: “Due to unprecedented demand, there are occasional business interruptions in our sports betting in certain markets. Our teams are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible”

The hymn performance was the subject of a scandal that weekend.On Friday, a reporter stationed across the stadium near the Yankees’ jumping training ground recorded a sample of the tune sung by Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church After When news broke of the taping, the betting sites that had taken action on the length of the performance were shut down. This version was recorded at 2:16 pm, so the live version was even slower and slower, but it sounded nice / p>

Brady is dismissed in third and eighth after picking up a Tampa Bay first with a 13-yard pass and trudges back to the sidelines from a second unsatisfactory straight, but the bigger problem for Tampa Bay is a 33- Yard punt, giving the ball to the Chiefs near the 40 yard line

You’re backing up to Tyreek Hill on the first descent, a good reminder that the Chiefs’ offense is fun And capable of a big chunk anytime

As if on cue: Mahomes takes off again and quickly takes another first down. He has already run 24 meters

The Chiefs return the ball immediately after failing to convert on a third relegation, but Mahomes made the Bucs’ defensive work a little tougher than Brady. An 11-yard run in third and seventh place resulted in the first loss of the Game and a few moments later he started another sprint, however, the Front 7 of the Bucs comes hard on him, forcing him to throw the ball under pressure once. This fight should last all night

Tom Brady’s first drive was a quickie: a 2-yard completion, a 3-yard run, and an incompleteness, and Tampa Bay punt 100 seconds into play

The Chiefs won the coin toss, but their captain Travis Kelce has postponed until the second half, meaning the Buccaneers get the opening start

The coin tossing ceremony was attended by a United States Marines veteran, instructor, and ICU nurse from Tampa who tossed the coin. Congratulations if you got heads on the first big prop bet that night

In her short but already momentous career, 22-year-old poet Amanda Gorman has made an impressive series of premieres. She became the country’s first youth poet when she was 19 when she wrote her poem “The Hill” last month at President Biden’s inauguration We Climb, “she became the youngest inaugural poet in American history, and on Sunday she became the first female poet to ever perform for the Super Bowl

Before the game, Gorman provided an original poem entitled “Chorus of the Captains” in a recorded segment Gorman wrote the poem to celebrate three people chosen as Honorary Captains to take part in the coin toss: Trimaine Davis, a teacher from Los Angeles helping students get laptops for distance learning; Suzie Dorner, a Tampa nurse who works with Covid-19 patients in an intensive care unit, and James Martin, a US. Marine Corps veteran from Pittsburgh who has supported veterans, high school athletes, and youth in his community

Since she stole the show with a charismatic feat at the inauguration last month, Gorman has seen keen interest in her work – her publisher announced it will print three million copies of her upcoming titles, including her first collection of poems and a picture book Barack Obama, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Oprah Winfrey praised her on social media IMG Models has signed Gorman and will represent her on fashion and beauty endorsements

Appearing in the Super Bowl is likely to bring an even larger audience to her work on DannFL. contacted Gorman in November when the league was trying to put on a ceremony that would reflect the country’s challenges and it was decided to open the game by celebrating people who have helped their communities through the pandemic

“We knew that in order to properly honor them – and all of those around the country who represent them – we needed the right words that correspond to the power of this moment, and there is no one better suited to this Bringing Words to the World as Amanda Gorman, ”said Matt Shapiro, the NF.L.In a statement, the vice president for event strategy said

At the end of her poem, Gorman cited the tireless work of Dorner, the intensive care nurse, as proof that “even in a tragedy, hope is possible”

After a difficult year of pandemic, political and social unrest-related deaths, companies that have spent around $ 5 million for 30 seconds of ad space will try to grab the attention of an expected 100 million television viewers on Super Bowl Sunday to excite with commercials that encourage hope and nostalgia

Jeep persuaded Bruce Springsteen to appear in his first commercial. Up until now, the 71-year-old rocker has stubbornly resisted offers to endorse products or allow his songs to be used in commercials That rejection set him apart from peers of his generation like Bob Dylan and The Who and most of the pop stars of today

Jeep got the boss to say yes after 10 years of persecution, and the ad, which is already on YouTube and slated to air in the game’s fourth quarter, delivers a monologue to Springsteen calling for national unity

Part of the commercial was shot in a chapel in Lebanon, Kan – the geographic center of the contiguous United States. “We just have to remember that the ground we stand on is common ground,” said Mr Springsteen says

This year’s Super Bowl ads also recall the days before the protective face masks “It wasn’t me,” the 2000s catchy tune of rapper Shaggy, appears in a Cheetos commercial starring Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, stars of “That 70s Show, “and Shaggy himself shown

Cadillac cites the 1990 Tim Burton film Edward Scissorhands, starring Timothée Chalamet in the role of Edgar, son of the title character. His mother is played by a star from the original film, Winona Ryder, the Gen X avatar , who appeared in Netflix’s “Stranger Things”

For Uber Eats, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are repeating their “Wayne’s World” roles from their “Saturday Night Live” sketches and movies from a time when idlers were all the rage

Aside from Jeep, a few other companies, including Bass Pro Shops and the job search website, have decided to avoid nostalgia by pointing directly to the country’s recent fighting

“Every time you run a big brand, you want to make sure that everything you’re claiming has context and meaning, and not just trying to sell things,” said Anton Vincent, president of M&M Mars’ parent company Wrigley North America “Now of course we’re trying to sell things, but we have a responsibility for delivering communications”

Diaper brand Huggies has found a way to capture the current moment while adding a hopeful note to the commercial that features babies – especially infants born since midnight on Super Bowl Sunday – parts of whom have been under within the last 16 hours Involvement of maternity wards in the hospital and willing parents turned

Bruce Springsteen

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