BOSTON – 12 FEBRUARY: Semi Ojeleye of the Boston Celtics guards Blake Griffin of the Detroit Piston as he [] heads to the basket in the second quarter.The Boston Celtics will host the Detroit Pistons in a regular NBA game of the season at the TD Garden in Boston on February 12, 2021 (Photo by John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

The internet was on fire on Sunday night as Blake Griffin’s inevitable deal with the Brooklyn Nets neared completion.Many of these people probably hadn’t looked at Griffin’s stats, but when did that ever stop the internet before?

The former six-time all-star joined Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden and ex-front-court colleague DeAndre Jordan in Brooklyn – no less than a veteran minimum

Griffin, who was about to turn 32, averaged just 122 points, 52 rebounds and 39 assists in 20 games with the Detroit Pistons that season, while shooting 365 percent from the field and 315 percent from 3-points Territory His last dunk came in December 2019, shocking to a player best known for jumping out of the gym

Initially, Griffin was phenomenal after being sold to the Pistons and stood out in 2018-19.But injuries limited him to just 18 games last season.If you add it all up, you can see why the teams split up wanted to Griffin agreed to a buyout to chase a ring with his superstar pals, giving Detroit the chance to play younger players in his position

By the way: Who saw someone chase after the Kevin Garnett-Paul Pierce trade fiasco in Brooklyn so quickly? Thanks to Sean Marks for establishing and the era of gamer empowerment for taking over there Griffin wanted to play with his superstar friends who can blame him?

This is not to say that Griffin is unable to revive his career suddenly motivated after joining a real title contender, and may even get pick-and-roll praise from on his Brooklyn debut Harden and bang him home. He’s certainly shown flashes of his old self on the pitch

But the Nets will be perfectly pleased with Griffin playing his role as a backup center for small balls or as a fourth or fifth option alongside The Big Three, Jeff Green’s shoulder had behaved before the All-Star break, and Brooklyn had Previously added down greats like Norvel Pelle, Noah Vonleh, and Tyler Cook Granted, none of these guys was a former No. 1 overall pick who dominated the Los Angeles Clippers for the Praise City Era
Honestly, Griffin’s addition reminded me a little of when the nets landed Andrei Kirilenko at mid-tier for the mini exception after he signed off from his $ 10 million salary at Minnesota, the rivals were so upset that the NBA opened an investigation, according to those concerned, there must have been some sort of backroom handshake agreement between AK-47 and its former – and then current – boss, Russian compatriot Mikhail Prokhorov, to make up for lost wages on the team’s payroll At the end of the deal, the deal was allowed to move forward

The Nets were hoping Kirilenko could play his dominant role as the Swiss Army Knife, but it didn’t work out.He missed time due to injury, his production declined and he was out of team rotation

Yes, it’s important to note that this team is not that team. And internally at least, Griffin won’t be under pressure to “overdo his team.” It’s a low risk, potentially high reward move. Maybe something else in the tank – maybe even more

Either way, Brooklyn has other options to improve its roster, and with Durant, Irving, and Harden already on board, the networks have some very capable recruiters in the buyout market – who have already secured Griffin’s services >

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