Almost a year to the day after what Brittany Bowe described as a “nightmare” World Cup experience, she recovered and won the 1000m world title on Saturday at the famous Thialf Arena in Heerenveen, The Netherlands , Setting and binding records

With her 10 Medal at the ISU World Single Distances Championships, Bowe became the most decorated US. Woman in event story who broke her nine-medal tie with the now-retired Heather Bergsma

She is now also connected to the German Anni Friesinger and the Canadian Christine Nesbitt as the most successful woman at this distance with three world championship titles each. Bowe also won in 2015 and 2019

Bowe, who will turn 33 on February 24, won with a time of 1: 1428.054 seconds ahead of the 2020 world champion, Jutta Leerdam from the Netherlands; The two ran head-to-head in the penultimate pair.Russia’s Elizaveta Golubeva finished third in 1:14 in 848 for her sixth career world bronze medal.This is Bowe’s fifth 1000m World Championship medal, one that is just below Friensinger’s record of six Bowes’ span was eight years, while Friesinger’s first and last six years were apart

The American was the favorite in the 2020 World Cup, held at her home stadium outside of Salt Lake City.Although she finished a disappointing sixth in a World Cup, Bowe had recently won seven straight 1000m World Cup races , the longest train of all subwaysS After finishing eighth in her best distance, she would leave the event without medals for the first time since 2012

“It’s been a great year that was overshadowed by major disappointments on these two weekends, especially the one weekend with the World Championships It definitely sparked my fire, “Bowe told NBCSportscom this season,” I’m more determined than ever, “

This year, Bowe smiled as she crossed the finish line and raised both hands to the sky with her index fingers before continuing to pump with her right fist to celebrate what she thought was a win

Bowe has shot at all cylinders at both 1000 m and 1500 m this season.With a season shortened due to the pandemic, only two world championships were held – also in Heerenveen – and Bowe won both courses and continued to improve throughout Her 054 seconds over Leerdam at the World Championships is her largest 1000 m profit margin this season

The women’s 1000 m was the fifth individual race this week and Bowe was the first World Cup winner of the season to take gold at Welten

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Brittany Bowe wins 1000m world champion, tying most titles at that distance that originally appeared on NBCSportscom

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The coming months could see a series of trades for some of the biggest names in professional football. Here’s a rundown of some of the most intriguing deals Deshaun Watson and Sam Darnold may have in motion this off-season Photo: Steven Ryan / Getty Images Carson Wentz , Philadelphia Eagles Age: 28 Career Touchdowns: 113 Career Interceptions: 50 Career Passer-by Rating: 892 Why The Eagles Could Trade Him: Wentz was the NFL’s worst quarterback in 2020 in a variety of categories He led the league in interceptions (15) and sacks (50), although he only played 12 games, while he was 33rd per attempt Place in yards took (6) 0) and 34 in both passerby rating (728) and degree of completion (574%) Why the Eagles Could Keep him: He was the runaway and most valuable player during the 2017 season until he suffered a knee injury against the Rams at the end of the season in December that’s still not that long ago Philadelphia believed in him enough to sign him for a four-year extension of $ 128 million in July 2019, even if they trade Wentz before his roster bonus on Jan. Activated March 8th, the Eagles would cripple $ 33.8m hit in dead cap Possible Targets: It appears to be a two-horse race between the Colts and the Bears Indianapolis trainer Frank Reich was the Eagles ‘offensive coordinator in Wentz’ best season and needs a quarterback after Philip Rivers retired Chicago is also in the QB market after the playoffs despite a weakness in position Probability of trade: 9/10 Both Wentz and the Eagles have all shown signs that they are ready The Colts seem to be the leaders of the clubhouse, but they are less prone to overpaying than the Bears Sam Darnold, New York Jets Age: 23 Years Career Touchdowns: 45 Career Interceptions: 39 Career Passer Rating: 786 Why the Jets could trade him: Darnold was selected in the 2018 draft with the number 3 as quarterback who wanted to turn the franchise around and … he has the Fra nchise not flipped there is little evidence that he’s improving (he finished 33rd Ranked among the league’s 33 qualified quarterbacks on ESPN’s 2020 QBR rankings), but he’s talented enough that a quarterback-needy team could snap him up with The Jets also have number 2 on this year’s draft, so they’re quick Can Find A Replacement Why The Jets Might Keep Him: Darnold is only 23 years old – younger than Joe Burrow, who was number 1 last year – and clearly has the knack for making a good starting quarterback.It’s tough to blame Darnold for too the mistakes of the Jets since arriving – he’s received few guns at the receiver and his offensive line often appears to be Mekhi Becton and some guys (the now-fired) Adam Gase who once met a bar Sure, the Jets could replace Darnold with Justin Fields or Zach Wilson in the draft, but are they guaranteed better? Potential Destinations: The Colts, Bears, Saints, and Washington are all linked to Darnold, and the Jets have taken calls from teams interested in a trade.An intriguing opportunity is the 49ers, who may move on from Jimmy Garoppolo and pave the way for Darnold to return to his native California Trade Probability: 6/10 There is definitely a market out there for Darnold and the Jets have praised it without saying it will be their starter in 2021. It may depend on a team having a pick for offering the first round for him, in which case the Jets would have three picks this year for the first round and two for 2022 – a strong foundation for rebuilding a new quarterback Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson is dissatisfied with his offensive line, but it is unlikely to leave Seattle Photo: Elaine Thompson / AP Age: 32 Career Touchdowns: 267 Career Interceptio ns: 81 Career Passer Rating: 1017 Why The Seahawks Could Trade Him: The Seahawks management are reportedly unhappy that Wilson has told any reporter willing to listen that he has about the number of hits he’s been behind in the years The team’s consistently seedy offensive line is unfortunate.He also told Dan Patrick that he wasn’t sure whether he was available for a trade or not, hardly what you’d expect from a franchise quarterback on why the Seahawks are keeping him could: Wilson is a hugely popular future hall of fame whose favorite pastime is lifting children out of poverty Potential Objectives: The betting favorite for Wilson’s service is particularly tasty: the Seahawks’ former NFC West rivals, the Las Vegas Raiders One of the quarterbacks of the Having Liga at the top of the team would be a huge challenge when the fans finally got into the Raiders’ new stadium and there have been rumors that Derek Carr is on his way out The cowboys who haven’t yet decided Dak Prescott’s future are another possibility trading probability: 2/10 Wilson is an immensely popular future hall of fame whose favorite pastime is this Bringing Children Out of Poverty Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers Age: 29 Career Touchdowns: 51 Career Interceptions: 26 Career Passer Rating: 989 Why The 49ers Could Trade With Him: The 49ers, primarily due to a list of injuries in war and death Peace Lengths in 2020 voted number 12 in this year’s draft. While Garoppolo is a solid quarterback, he’s more in the “Don’t Lose Games” category than someone whose genius will drive the Niners to the Super Bowl. He’s said to be $ 26 Earn6m in 2021: Would it be better for San Francisco to trade him, draw a cheaper young quarterback, and with his exc to go to the Super Bowl? Why the 49ers might keep him: Garoppolo is often ridiculed for paying millions of dollars to give the ball to the Niners’ running backs, but a year ago he was a quarter away from beating Patrick Mahomes to get San Francisco Securing the Super Bowl, and – apart from Trevor Lawrence – there are no certain things for sure among the quarterbacks in this year’s Draft Class Possible Goals: The most interesting option is a return to the New England Patriots After Cam Newton and Tom Brady, the Pats could have theirs very nice quarterbacks continue, and Bill Belichick was a fan of Garoppolo during his stint as Brady’s replacement.Newton failed to convince last season that he is a long-term option for the Patriots, so Belichick may return to a familiar crowd in Garoppolo Trade Probability: 4/10 General Manager John Lynch and Head Coach Kyle Shanahan both said that They expect Garoppolo to be the starting quarterback in 2021. They also had the chance to go on the hunt for Matthew Stafford but were happy that the Rams made a deal with the Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans Age: 25 career touchdowns : 104 Career Interceptions: 36 Career Passers-by Rating: 1045 Why the Texans Might Be Trading With Him: For some reason Watson wants to get out of a franchise where he has traded stars for a dime in the past, made nepotistic hiring decisions, angry his players and not on the Most talented quarterback in team history that means the face of the franchise is very unhappy, which could make the team even more dysfunctional than it already is for years to come, and Watson is a ridiculously talented quarterback who will throw every throw in the book and with his legs breathtaking games mac There are teams who would like to part with an extensive package of draft picks for him so that Houston can start over and rebuild after the disastrous Bill O’Brien era. Why the Texans Might Keep Him: Watson May be unhappy but the Texans have him under contract and are under no obligation to trade him. And why should they? He’s the best player in team history, and the drafts they can get in return are just that – prospects Once the venom of the past few months wears off a bit, Watson can decide he’s in a town he’s a hero in , Can Move Forward It’s not that Houston lost its biggest stars recently Right? Potential Targets: The Dolphins and Jets are the two teams that show up the most, both with a draft capital, cap room on Watson’s salary, and young quarterbacks who could either travel to Houston as part of trade or be traded themselves for more Getting Picks for the Texans Watson is said to be open to both teams – the Dolphins have a good young core and a great coach in Brian Flores, while New York is the biggest (and most corrosive) market in US sports, of course, Watson has on this one too Step the power to have a no-trade clause in his contract, which means he can veto any deal if he doesn’t like the look of the team he’s going to Trade Probability: 6/10 Hard to Call Watson out, but the Texans supposedly tell interested teams they won’t swap their quarterback of course they would say if they get the highest possible price for someone who could still be one of the best players in the league in another 15 years So much depends on how much other teams are willing to pay and how well the Texans can reassure Watson, Houston doesn’t seem to be doing too well in the latter case, laid-off employees in the back room and hires a new head coach, David Culley, who hasn’t changed Watson’s mind about his future on the team

Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan, and Ohio State are the top seeds on the first rankings of the committee that will ultimately select the ’68 field for the NCAA tournament.The Bulldogs were the top overall seeds, followed by the Bears in the Ranking published by the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee on Saturday.It’s a snapshot of the top 16 seeds, one month before Selection Sunday

JJ Watt disappeared from the Houston Texans, and Deshaun Watson wants out too The Texans made headlines this off-season. Watt was released on Friday, ending the franchise’s tenure Things could get worse in Houston as a possible stalemate with the star quarterback looms


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