Reid told police he had “two or three drinks” before slamming into a car carrying two young children last week. One is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries

Britt Reid, the Kansas City Chiefs’ outside linebacker trainer and son of head coach Andy Reid, told police officers he had “two or three drinks” before being involved in a car accident that resulted in a child on Thursday night with life-threatening injuries, according to a search warrant filed in Jackson County, Mo., Circuit Court

The crash happened days before the Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida, on Sunday, when the Chiefs, the reigning NF.L. Master, played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers The Chiefs flew to Tampa Saturday, but Britt Reid, 35, didn’t make the trip

According to the warrant, an officer smelled “a moderate smell of alcoholic beverages” after the crash on Reid. The warrant stated that police were trying to take Reid’s blood and test it for alcohol and other controlled substances

On Friday, the team confirmed in a statement that Reid was involved in a crash, but did not provide details. “We are in the process of gathering information and we will not comment further at this point,” it said the explanation

In response to a query about a possible accident involving Britt Reid, a police spokesman in Kansas City, Mo., said a crash occurred on Interstate 435 not far from the Chiefs Training Facility

The spokesman would not provide details or identify anyone involved in the crash, citing a Missouri law that prohibits police from posting the names of anyone who has not been charged with any crime but the details in the police incident report, such as the make and model of the cars involved and the description of what happened, matched the search warrant that Reid cites

Police said a vehicle ran out of gas on a freeway ramp less than a mile from Arrowhead Stadium, the driver stopped with the lights on and called his cousins ​​for help when they arrived, the cousins ​​parked in front of the disabled car and left the lights on when the battery in the disabled car ran out

Reid entered the driveway with a ram pickup and, according to the police incident report, hit the left front of the stranded car The driver was sitting in the car and was not injured

Reid’s pickup then slammed against the back of the cousins’ car The driver and an adult in the passenger seat were not injured A 4 year old and a 5 year old who were sitting in the back were both injured and taken to the hospital who was 5 year olds with life threatening injuries

After the Super Bowl, which the Chiefs lost 31: 9, Andy Reid addressed his son’s accident for the first time

“My heart goes out to everyone involved in the accident, especially the family with the little girl who is fighting for her life,” said Andy Reid, adding that his “heart is bleeding” ”

According to the police, Britt Reid had non-life-threatening injuries, but complained of stomach pain and was also rushed to hospital after the accident

Reid has been head coach since his father’s hiring eight years ago and has spent the last two seasons as an external linebacker coach. Before joining the Chiefs coaching staff, he spent three seasons at Temple University as a graduate assistant who worked with the offense

Britt Reid previously faced legal trouble in 2007, then 22-year-old Reid pleaded guilty to making gun and drug charges over a street rage argument the same day his brother Garrett was arrested after a drug-related traffic accident, swinging he pointed a gun to another driver in suburban Philadelphia Andy Reid took a five week vacation from the Eagles after his sons were arrested

Britt Reid also pleaded guilty to a simple assault, possession of a criminal instrument and drug possession in the case. While on bail before the case was settled, he was arrested after slipping into a shopping cart in a parking lot , and finally pleaded guilty to having driven under the influence of the case

In 2012, Garrett Reid was found dead in his dormitory at the Eagles’ training ground in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He was 29 years old

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