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President Donald Trump reportedly canceled his meeting with Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, within minutes after the entrepreneur was spotted on the White House branding notes about the Insurrection Act and restructuring of the CIA leadership. p>

Lindell said Trump was “disinterested” in his notes and officials said Trump quickly fired him and sent him to see White House attorney Pat Cipollone, according to Maggie Haberman, a reporter for the New York Times >

Lindell, a Trump adviser who supported many of his conspiracy theories about massive election fraud, unexpectedly appeared at the White House Friday afternoon with a Marine stationed outside the west wing, indicating that Trump was most likely there
MyPillow’s CEO claimed to Haberman that he was there to tell Trump about things he hasn’t seen since Twitter was banned, and that the notes he carried were for an unnamed attorney , with whom he worked to “prove” this, Trump really did win the presidential election

Lindell denied that the notes referred to “martial law,” a sentence that was not shown in partial view when exiting the west wing, but an administrator said it definitely contained the sentence

In the midst of a huge National Guard presence in DC. After last week’s MAGA riot at the Capitol, a close-up of Lindell’s notes revealed some bizarre clippings about what might be bothering him, as Trump spoke to the rally crowd before Trump supporters invaded the Capitol

Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, stands outside the west wing of the White House in Washington, US.15th January 2021 A close-up of his notes revealed exciting topics ranging from martial law to the Insurrection Act to the leadership of the CIA

One threatening line read ‘Martial law, if necessary, at first clue’ The term does not come without a precedent Former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn spoke openly of this while re-enacting Trump’s claims of a “rigged” election – and subsequently scored his own meeting at the White House

Another line, partially obscured by Lindell’s hand, most likely related to the Insurrection Act – the pre-election issue of the use of forces in the country that said, “Act now as a result of the attack on the”‘

Other lines suggest recommended staff movements. One might suggest that “Colson is being relocated NOW as National Security Agency” – suggesting relocation to National Security Agency Other Language References Fort Mead and a leading cybersecurity lawyer, who could identify Frank Colon, who is an attorney with the 780th Military Intelligence Brigade of Cyber ​​Operations, according to his LinkedIn page

A Washington Post photographer captured a picture of Lindell’s notes that he did not hide outside of the west wing

The notes also seem to hint at possible cabinet moves just days before Trump’s departure from office

MyPillow CEO speaks at “Stop the Steal” rally accusing Fox News of attempting to overthrow the Trump administration After the rally, a MAGA mob raided the Capitol

There is also evidence of Kraken attorney Sidney Powell, who oversaw the failed election challenges in court and was in the White House after the election

“Kash Patel moved to CIA Acting,” says a line that could point to a proposal to oust CIA Director Gina Haspel and replace her with a Trump loyalist who recently moved to the Pentagon

“I have ordered the DOD to work fully with President-elect Joe Biden,” Patel wrote in a comment published by Fox News Thursday After complaining for weeks, the Biden Junction did not receive the requested briefings

Other lines are just snippets, but they hint at Trump’s obsession with a “stolen” election – even though Joe Biden beat him with 7 million votes, or 306-232 votes on the electoral college

‘I got the evidence for EVERYONE as a choice and he knows all the information about people who have already done a lot of research on these topics, “says the notes

‘Foreign interference with the election trigger powers, make it clear that this is a China / Iran domestic actor instruct Frank,’ it says

The meeting comes days after Trump attended a scripted video in which he finally said, “On Aug. New Administration Inaugurated on January January “But he didn’t directly say Joe Biden won, even when Vice President Mike Pence finally called Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and began what appeared to be a farewell tour.””

Trump has settled in office, and bizarre White House schedules just state this: “President Trump will work from early morning until late at night. He will make lots of calls and have lots of meetings’

A message to Lindell was not returned immediately The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the meeting

Trump’s obsession with reversing the results is also reflected in graphs that could be seen as Trade Advisor Peter Navarro on the White House grounds read ‘Tuning Irregularities and Illegals by Category and State’

Trump himself is expected to leave D.C. on 20 January, with no plans for the traditional meeting with President-Elect Joe Biden

The ominous clippings in Lindell’s notes about the election were contradicted by the reality on the scene at the White House on Friday afternoon.A procession of aides left the building with boxes and even put away large framed photos that adorned the building

With his supernaturally dark hair and mustache, ubiquitous television commercials, and personal story that triumphs over tragedy, Mike Lindell should be the perfect pitchman for his pillows

But his advocacy of Donald Trump seems to have led him into darker and more dangerous territory when he took Martial Law Notes to the Oval Office to meet with Trump on his last Friday at the White House

Lindell, 59, was a small Minnesota businessman who became addicted to cocaine and alcohol and lost his wife, who he had four children with in order to get divorced, but who, according to his oft-told story, always does still managed to invent his MyPillow in 2004 and make it a success

The pillow itself is a patented foam design, and Lindell has made it in its home state from the start, bringing its Made in America references to the place

For the early years, Lindell sold it to shopping malls and state fairs, but his own life took a dramatic change, he says, when he sobered up in 2009 and attributed it to the power of prayer

Tidily, in 2011 he took a 30-minute live info stamp for 500$ 000 and watched the success build – with Lindell in the spotlight as well as the pillows

Lindell made a fortune on tranches of television commercials – not without problems along the way, including settling a lawsuit for damages The pillows helped his second wife snore and divorce after less than two months of marriage – and made his evangelical faith, and then his allegiance to Trump, part of his pitch as well as his products

They appear to have first met in August 2016, and he got on the Trump train, went to the first presidential debate in October and spoke at a rally in November
He has since become a regular rally performer, even hosting a run for the Minnesota governor in 2022 – which he recently failed to mention – and presiding over the state’s Trump campaign

At the rallies, he was introduced as “the MyPillow guy” to cheer Trump and describe him as “chosen by God”, to announce his own beliefs and to receive the applause

As a fairly regular White House representative, he touted Trump an unproven COVID cure, oleandrin, which he was involved in making

Ben Carson, a distinguished neurosurgeon who became a Trump cabinet member, took it easy. He succumbed to the infection; Carson has not had a medical registration for several years

Lindell devoted himself to Trump in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election, appearing at several rallies and convincing the president that he would win Minnesota, which he easily lost

But after the election defeat, Lindell became obsessed with Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud and pushed them every step of the way, including on the Right Side Broadcasting Network’s YouTube channel, in which he has a financial stake

He berated Fox News for its coverage despite being considered the biggest single advertiser, and pushed the discredited “Kraken” attorney Sidney Powell to the brink of conspiracy theories

He appears to have funded the Right Side Broadcasting Network, a YouTube channel that aired rallies from the March for Trump bus tour, which included Lindell and Lin Wood, the even more fringe attorney, who suggested Mike Pence should be executed

Among the “reporters” in RSBN coverage were other Trump rally regulars, including the “Wall Guy” who wears a suit depicting the Mexican border wall. The suit looks like it is made of bricks, despite the wall made of steel and reinforcement The ads were inevitable for MyPillow

Lindell also appears to have established a relationship with Mike Flynn, the National Security Advisor who lied to the FBI, received an apology, then went to the Oval Office and campaigned for martial law

Lindell’s allegations of fraud were so discredited that Newsmax had to cut him live on the air, but he was unstoppable: on the day of the MAGA riots, he was in DC.Then after they happened, he announced that the whole event was being staged by Antifa

A few days later he picked up the news from a private jet that Donald Trump would be our president for the next four years’

On 20 On January 1st, he’ll find out if his trust in Trump has been rewarded or if his real-life claims get the same F rating that his company received from the Better Business Bureau

US President Donald Trump listens as Michael J to Lindell, CEO of MyPillow Incspeaks during the daily briefing on the novel coronavirus COVID-19 in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC, on Jan. March 2020

Former US. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn speaks during a rally to protest election results in Washington, US., 12 December 2020 In a video after the elections

he called for martial law

Inauguration observation deck has already printed signs for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Biden spoke in Delaware about changes he plans to introduce to vaccine rollouts after it was reported that the Trump Administration Operation’s name was Warp Speed will be one of the first things to be thrown off

Even lower-level aides in the west wing have already departed and left a skeletal crew – even as the nation faced a relentless increase in coronavirus infections and deaths

Lindell also posted claims on how to “suppress evil” and “defeat evil” after the riot, with claims that Trump supporters broke the algorithms’

He posted brief comments that appeared to have been made on board a private jet, writing, “Donald Trump will be your president for the next 4 years’

Lindell on 10 Retweeted a tweet from the Right Side Broadcasting Network on January 23 that criticized the impeachment idea as pointless “There seems to be a lot of effort going into indicting someone who, if tradition has its way, will be fired from office in 10 days go on, Nancy? Seems a little desperate. There must be other factors at play, ”it said

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