This was Draymond Green’s answer to a question from NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kerith Burke about whether people have an appreciation for quality defensive play in the NBA The Warriors striker isn’t the only NBA star calling those who don’t really understand the game, as Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal also talked about so-called “box score fans” on Sunday “

As someone who watches a lot of NBA games, not only does it see highlights and box scores, it’s obvious that so many people talking about the game aren’t actually watching

As the NBA has grown worldwide and become a multi-billion dollar industry, online discourse about the game has skyrocketed worldwide

Players like Draymond, Beal and Lillard are people who not only make a living playing the game, but also have a passion for the sport

Understandably, they just want to see the intricacies of the game, as Draymond mentions with Defense, which are properly analyzed by those who cover and report on the sport

We have seen current players have become more involved in media coverage of the NBA in recent years, and possibly more collaboration in this area will result in more extensive coverage of basketball in general

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The Lions ultimately took a package of three future draft picks and a QB for Matthew Stafford, but there is a belief that Washington’s offer was better

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“I can’t wait to see you on the pitch next year I call iso every time Prolly gets 40 in a neighborhood with a big guy chasing me, “wrote Klay to Davis

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Bradley Beal

World News – USA – Bradley Beal and Damian Lillard join Draymond Green on NBA pundit criticism