HOUSTON – Officials ordered power outages across Texas after record demand and failed power plants created problems for the state power grid

The Texas Electric Reliability Council is responsible for maintaining the supply / demand balance in the state power grid, an agency spokesman said a record demand of 69222 megawatts were hit between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Sunday. Several power plants followed, which quickly went out of service, he said. At 1:25 a.m., the agency activated its highest alert when the power reserves fell, he said
Declared an EEA 3 Energy Conservation Is Critical Rotating Outages Are Underway To Reduce Demand For The Electrical System We urge Texans to put safety first during this time, traffic lights and other infrastructures may be temporary without power 01:25:40 150221

The spokesman said ERCOT had instructed transmission companies to reduce the load on the state grid by certain amounts based on the amount of electricity they draw from the system. He said it was up to the transmission companies to decide, how you can best reduce your net withdrawal

ERCOT officials said there are approximately 2 million homes in Texas that will be without power as of 10:30 am Monday

Kenny Mercado, executive vice president of CenterPoint Energy, which carries power to most of Southeast Texas, said the power outages could no longer be reversed because the utility was unavailable to move the electricity in the system

“This is a very serious situation and we don’t want the system to fail,” said Mercado. “We have to keep a balance. We have to balance load demand across Houston, and not just across the state of Texas , and we watch them very closely ”

Mercado said the CenterPoint customers who have electricity are part of the emergency services areas, which include water and sanitation facilities, hospitals, police and 911 centers

Mercado said there were about 500 in CenterPoint’s service areaThere were 000 houses that were without electricity from 9:15 a.m. on Monday

UPDATE: We continue to fulfill @ ERCOT_ISO’s request to limit the power supply due to the nationwide emergency for power generation.As a result, customers may experience longer downtimes than previously assumed

⚠ The Texan electricity system is facing an unprecedented power outage situation due to the extreme winter weather affecting the entire state, including the Houston & region, Texans’ electricity consumption has far exceeded current generation #houwx #hounews 1 / 10

Early in the morning @ERCOT_ISO declared a nationwide power outage emergency and urged utilities to reduce the load through controlled outages to rebalance supply and demand for power #houwx #hounews 2/10

When CenterPoint Energy made preparations to follow @ ERCOT_ISO’s load reduction policy, we anticipated outages ranging from 15 minutes to more than an hour #houwx #hounews 3/10

This morning, power generation conditions remained very serious, according to & @ERCOT_ISO needs electricity companies to reduce their load at a higher & level for longer than originally anticipated, which in turn results in longer outages for customers #houwx #hounews 4/10

Unfortunately, if you are a customer who is currently experiencing an outage, you should be prepared to be without power for at least the rest of the day #houwx #hounews 5/10

We appreciate our customers’ patience as we continue to follow @ERCOT_ISO’s policy to reduce stress and implement controlled outages in the greater Houston area #houwx #hounews 6/10

For all of our customers who have electricity, we continue to ask that you save as much electricity as possible to help in this situation #houwx #hounews 7/10

As you may know, CenterPoint Energy is a transmission and distribution company and does not generate electricity Hence, we cannot directly address the lack of power generating capacity we are facing #houwx #hounews 8/10

We know this is a very difficult situation for our customers, but we are doing our part, based on @ERCOT_ISO’s policy, to achieve a balance between power and demand across the state #houwx #hounews 9 / 10

We value the patience and understanding of our customers as we do what we can to address this significant nationwide power situation #houwx #hounews 10/10

“The Texas Electric Reliability Council (ERCOT), which is responsible for planning power supplies and ensuring grid reliability in Texas, has reported a statewide emergency for power outages. As a result, immediately following ERCOT’s instruction, CenterPoint Energy began to to restrict the customer’s power supply, controlled outages in its service area CenterPoint Energy complies with the ERCOT guideline for reducing the load at this point in time Due to the level of this requirement, customers may experience outages that last longer than previously assumed. The controlled outages are planned emergency measures to avoid major power outages for customers Like other electricity providers across Texas, CenterPoint Energy is taking power offline or throttling it in its service area in order to achieve the load reduction required by ERCOT. CenterPoint Energy knows its customers Keep up to date via local media and its social media channels, Twitter (@CNPalerts) and Facebook The company urges consumers and businesses to reduce their electricity consumption to the lowest possible level. Customers can find information on measures to reduce energy consumption at http: // wwwercotcom / about / preservation ”

Todd Burrer, vice president of Texas Municipal Utilities for Inframark, said the water outages for the MUDs in and around Houston that are managed by his company are related to power outages. He said the diesel generators that normally run in one Situation, cannot keep up with the power needed to keep the water flowing. He said water is unlikely to be restored until power is restored

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World News – USA – Power outages: Texas officials order power outages after record demand in the state’s power grid

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