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Maybe he’ll soon be playing Cinderella’s fairy godmother, but in real life it’s the pose star who has the fairytale romance

While Billy Porter will be the focus of Dick Clark’s Rockin ‘New Year’s Eve Special with Lucy Hale, Ciara and Ryan Seacrest on Thursday night, the award-winning actor’s husband, Adam Porter-Smith, will cheer him on from Far Away

Although Billy and Adam have only been married since 2017, their love story dates back to 2009, according to the New York Times.It all started when Billy discovered Adam during a dinner party, both of whom were attending at Sosa Borella restaurant in New York City, after Billy Having seen him for the first time, he made it his business to sit next to Adam

“I crossed him while he was walking down the street and he stopped and he was with us!” The Pose Star remembered people “I said, ‘Oh, well, I’ll be sitting next to this pretty specimen tonight!'”

The feeling of butterflies in the stomach was mutual when Adam revealed to the magazine that the two of them were “in love” to begin with. “And so they began to see each other – but after about a year they decided to go their separate ways anyway Billy and Adam remained close friends for years after the split

“I remember saying to my therapist, ‘Now I know what love looks like and it just walked out the door,'” Billy told People. “I didn’t know what it looked like before, and after that I realized, ‘Oh that’s the one who got away with it! But now that I know what it looks like, the next time it shows up, I’ll be ready’ I didn’t know it was going to show up as the same person – but I am grateful that it was “

For his part, Adam didn’t want to let the Kinky Boots star go either and tried to figure out the right time to ask him to get back together. Then, on Adam’s birthday in 2015, watching the musical Hamilton together, Billy reached out Adam’s Hand When the show was over, the two had a conversation while driving to dinner that changed their lives forever

“I felt it and the tears came and I stopped and he said, ‘I love you and I have always loved you and if there is a chance I would like to have another shot – I would love to want us make one more try, ” recalled Billy. “He was the one who escaped – so it wasn’t difficult The yes came just and instantly! “

Just like that, they were back – and not long after that, they got engaged in December 2016 Tied the knot at a friend’s Chelsea penthouse in New York City on January 20, 2017.Though it was a quick turnaround between engagement and wedding anniversary, Billy told Playbillcom that she was waiting for President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Jan. January 2017 wanted to walk down the aisle

“It was about making sure that statement was made because as gay men we still have to be visible,” he told the outlet. “We still have to show the world that our love looks like this It’s just like yours. We have to say out loud “

As Billy thought about the ceremony, he also explained how much it meant to him to be able to exchange vows in front of loved ones. “As a human, it is so vulnerable to say this stuff. The ritual [of marriage] gives you that Permission The ritual gives you the safe space to say and live in such things. I understand that now. It’s profound “

Billy and Adam have been married for nearly four years now, and during that time both have continued their respective careers, according to Adam’s LinkedIn he was co-owner of the Native Ken eyewear brand for two years between 2016 and 2018.In the meantime, Billy has continued to appear on multiple TVs -Series including American Horror Story, The Twilight Zone and Equal. In addition to continuing to act as Pray Tell on Pose and hosting ABC’s New Year’s Eve special this year, Billy announced to CBS News that he would be in the upcoming remake of Cinderella will soon be playing the Fairy Godmother

But no matter where their careers take them, the two will always have their marriage to ground them

“We both grew up in households where we are referred to as the atrocities’ The thought of marriage, there was no context for it – there was no dream of it because there was no context to dream about; it was unspoken and very realize that the sanctity of marriage wasn’t for us, “Billy told People.” So to see this, to see the tide turn, it still takes my breath away. I finally found something like that was elusive and I’m very excited to share that “

Adam added, “Marrying the person you love more than anything is an extraordinary thing and I finally realized what everyone else could, now I can do it myself And that’s an amazing feeling”

Billy Porter

World News – USA – Billy Porter describes his breakup and reignited romance with his husband Adam Smith

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