“It is with great pain that I announce that my 42-year-old son was killed in a car accident yesterday. My family and I are grieving and processing and would prefer to be out of touch with the outside world for the time being,” wrote Ray Dalio, 71, on Friday night on Twitter

The car accident that killed Devon Dalio occurred Thursday afternoon in Greenwich, Connecticut, a family spokesman told the Connecticut media on Friday that an Audi drove into a Verizon store in the Riverside Commons mall and walked in Flames started, said Greenwich police and fire chief Joseph McHugh, according to Greenwich Time

On Twitter, the police wrote on Thursday evening: “GPD is responding to a car accident and is active in the Thruway Shoppong Center at Exit 5 The area approaching the intersection of E Put and Exit 5 will be closed and traffic will be interrupted”

The store was reportedly destroyed and the cause of the crash is still being investigated, according to the newspaper

“We know that the terrible pain we feel has been and is being felt by so many others that our condolences go to them. May God be with you and may you appreciate your blessings, especially at this time of year,” wrote Ray Dalio on Twitter

His late son and wife, Barbara Dalio, worked as a project manager at Bridgewater Associates as a project manager at Bridgewater Associates, according to his LinkedIn page. He left a wife, daughter, and three brothers, Greenwich Time reported

“As parents, we cannot imagine the heartache and grief of their loss,” said Connecticut Gov Ned Lamont, who also lives in Greenwich, said in a statement, according to the newspaper, “Our prayers are with Ray and Barbara who campaigned for the Connecticut children”

Ray Dalio

World news – USA – Billionaire Ray Dalio confirms son’s car accident: “My family and I are in mourning”

Source: https://abcnews.go.com/US/billionaire-ray-dalio-confirms-sons-car-crash-death/story?id=74816699