President Biden’s grandchildren said in an interview on Wednesday that they will seek advice and guidance from former President Obama’s daughters as they navigate as part of the first family

“Maisy and I and Natalie and Naomi had the privilege of seeing two of our friends who were really difficult for eight years,” said Finnegan Biden in an interview with Jenna Bush of “Today” Hager, “They are so grounded and come out humble and they are so smart and motivated I think we can only take advice from them ”

@jennabushhager sat down with four grandchildren of President-elect Joe Biden for an open interview to talk about growing up with their “pop” and the moment of election BildTwittercom / oPZLcNlRyR

Bush Hager, the daughter of former President George W Bush interviewed all of Biden’s four granddaughters, Finnegan, Natalie, Maisy and Naomi, on the day their grandfather was inaugurated as 46 President of the United States

Maisy Biden and Obama’s daughter Sasha Obama grew up together and played on the same basketball team in Washington, D.C.during Obama’s tenure as president

The granddaughters talked about how they sat down with Biden, saying they wanted him to be president again and how Biden still made it to many of his granddaughters’ sporting events during his tenure as Obama’s vice president

Maisy Biden talked about how President Biden calls each of his granddaughters every day to check in with them. The granddaughters were excited to see Biden in office implementing many of the ideas he was talking about

President Biden and Vice President Harris were sworn into office on Wednesday.The inauguration took place without a crowd due to the coronavirus.Former President TrumpDonald TrumpLil Wayne receives the 11th Trump Pardon Hour Trump grants pardon to more than 100 people, including Bannon Trump, who is supposed to forgive Bannon: MORE reports did not attend the inauguration in a break with tradition

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World News – USA – Grandchildren of Biden Says They Will Turn to Obama Daughters for Advice