Joe Biden’s inauguration was full of dramatic fashion choices, while monochromatic coats stole the show, while bright sequins appeared and many in the crowd wore masks to match their outfits

But Twitter users have opted for an unlikely outfit: Sen’s incredibly practical choices Vermont’s Bernie Sanders went viral when viewers praised his bulky winter coat, handcrafted mittens, and uncleared Manila envelope

Sanders, who campaigned for the Democratic nomination but dropped out of the race in April 2020, also wore a blue surgical mask and his branded glasses

Many joked that the look was perfect for the weather. While the day was sunny, there were blizzards during the ceremony and some winds resulted in almost freezing temperatures

Lmaooo I love Bernie’s “I couldn’t care less about pomp and circumstance” coat and mittens combo picTwittercom / aqdM6MDAzl

One user pointed out that the cloak he wore to the initiation appeared to be the same one he wore on the campaign

Many were fixated on the patterned mittens that Sanders wore and who already have their own Twitter account

According to Vermont’s Seven Days newspaper, they were given to him by teacher Jen Ellis. Sander’s daughter-in-law runs the daycare Ellis sends her daughter to, and she decided to give Sanders a pair while making teacher gifts. Ellis sells the mittens too At craft fairs, she wrote on Twitter that they are made of reused wool sweaters and lined with fleece from recycled plastic bottles

I gave Bernie’s mittens a few years ago. They are made from recycled wool sweaters and are lined with fleece (made from recycled plastic bottles) #BerniesMittens BildTwittercom / lTXFJvVy9V

Other users grabbed the manila envelope Sanders was holding and joked that it looked like he was going to run errands after the ceremony

Bernie parked his Subaru on the Capitol lawn on the way to a stewart’s for coffee for a brief opening photoTwittercom / dQB1xVYRkh

It wasn’t just the outfit and accessories that caught the attention of social media users: an image of the senator sitting alone and with his arms crossed in a socially distant chair quickly turned into a meme

Sanders wasn’t the only guest at the ceremony keeping them practical and warm, Massachusetts Senator and former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren wore a black puff coat and pink scarf for planned parenting to the event

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who wear practical puff coats to the inauguration, are extremely brand-related BildTwittercom / 5tEZUgTrpr

Bernie Sanders

World News – USA – Bernie Sanders is a “grumpy king of practical outerwear” on inauguration day