When asked about Huntley during the regular season, Jackson smiled and didn’t want to say much about the uncovered rookie quarterback

“I don’t want to tell you anything about him,” Jackson said. “I don’t need you hyping him I know what he’s capable of. We want to keep him under the radar as much as possible”

Huntley was in the spotlight during Saturday night’s 17-3 playoff loss to the Buffalo Bills and was confident Jackson went with a concussion about the final game of the third quarter and backup quarterbacks rarely entered the games in a tougher position Ravens were 14 points down the road, facing a defense fired that made the game difficult for Jackson, last year’s most valued player,

The size of the playoff moment didn’t seem too big for Huntley, however, responding well to a punchy moment, completing 6 of 13 passes for 60 yards and running 32 yards in three runs, strengthening his future potential. p>

“We were just trying to score points on the board and just fighting to the end,” said Huntley. “It’s an NFL game so it can go to the end and you have to fight to the end. We have to just find a way to get that ball into the end zone “

Huntley wasn’t perfect and his biggest mistake was overthrowing Marquise “Hollywood” Brown in fourth place when he was open to a possible touchdown on a long pass, but while the Ravens never scored in the fourth quarter, it tore Huntley completed a 19-yard run on his first game, and completed four passes on his last drive of the game, leading Baltimore in a 12-game, 56-yard run
The ride ended on the fourth and tenth goals when Mark Andrews couldn’t control a high pass from Huntley in the end zone, however Huntley didn’t look tentative at all and seemed confident that he could do something positive

“I was just trying to warm up asap,” Huntley said. “I was just trying to help this team and do whatever I can to get closer and give us a chance”

The Ravens must make off-season decisions regarding their backup quarterback, and Huntley is clearly in the picture Seasoned quarterback Robert Griffin III is out of contract for next season after spending his third year with the Ravens in an injured reserve Finished with a hamstring injury Backup quarterback Trace McSorley suffered a knee injury at the end of the season in December and has seen very little playing time in his two seasons with the team

After Griffin and McSorley’s injuries, Huntley moved from the training team to No. 1 raised to 2 quarterback, and he has traits that could enable him to stay in that role. Huntley’s mobility fits the Ravens’ offense, and although he was not drafted, he had a strong college career in Utah, where he was a senior 3He threw 092 yards, 19 touchdowns and only four interceptions. He completed 73 percent of his passes and also ran for 290 yards and five points

Huntley was named as the first-team Pac 12 against former Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert, who finished sixth overall and had an impressive rookie season with the Los Angeles Chargers.Neither of Huntley’s teammates was surprised at how calm Huntley was with the emergency walked around on Saturday night

“Of course you want your best players out there when the game is at stake, but we had confidence in ‘Snoop'” said the defensive end of Calais Campbell. “I see him in practice and I see that he has the potential to be a great player and see an opportunity – and he took it”He went out there and did some plays and gave us an opportunity It’s customs – it’s a game of inches and we just couldn’t make it. But we fought hard”

Huntley and Jackson both hail from South Florida and faced off in a memorable high school playoff game in 2014. Huntley’s team prevailed in a clash Jackson recalled after signing for Baltimore in April

Both Jackson and Huntley fulfilled their dream of playing in the NFL, and it is clear that Huntley has the potential to last The Ravens season is over, but Huntley’s career may only be just beginning

“We all saw what Snoop can do and you saw it,” said full-back Matthew Judon. “It could have been a different game or result or something if he could have connected with ‘Hollywood’ on the sidelines That’s exactly it. He went out there and fought, and we’ve all believed in ‘Snoop’ since he’s been here It’s not a newfound love

“You want Lamar to play in a game Lamar is an MVP for a reason, but when Snoop stepped on the field it wasn’t that he couldn’t do the job, we knew he was going to get the job done could “

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Fans can register at 20Tune in 3pm for Saturday’s playoff game, stream it on NBC on cellphone or listen to it live on the radio

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The central question is whether Baltimore’s defense can play enough games, which is why the Ravens got the defensive end from Yannick Ngakoue with a window of opportunity open to Mark Andrews

Only 24-year-old Lamar Jackson is enjoying his third trip to the playoffs and is on his way to the ultimate goal

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