Respawn Entertainment is facing a busy day in the Outlands, as the new update for the 8 Apex Legends Season 2 Released February, the massive update brings a new legend called Fuse, a 30-30 repeater weapon, and much more

For the launch day, we’ll keep you up to date with the most important news for the patch – including practical guides, news, leaks, and reactions from streamers and fans

EA has already put a number of exciting details online Below is a list of the essentials to prepare for life on a decimated Kings Canyon map, plus a live blog full of content, all you need in one place

2 February, 4:36 pm GMT The prey pool is an ever-changing animal, and this time around, a new item has been introduced – Gold Magazines

In a YouTube description, Respawn said, “Look out for gold magazines that automatically reload holster weapons. Also, grab the latest Battle Pass and shoot through the leaderboard competition. Ready to Master the Chaos? “

Here is our complete guide to gold magazines, with comments from developers on how it won’t be an overpowering feature in S8

2 February, 154 p.m. GMTRespawn Entertainment is celebrating 4 February marks the second anniversary of Apex Legends, and it’s fair to say a lot has happened since 2019.We saw new legends, a transformed weapon and item pool, and three maps!

Test your knowledge of the Outlands in our quiz now as we wait for the next big update in the Apex Games

2 February, 15We didn’t get a new weapon in Season 7, so Respawn had to do this with the new Season 8 weapon Make up for season: the 30-30 repeater This weapon comes straight from Salvo – Fuse’s home planet. It uses heavy ammunition, but you can also recharge the shots for additional damage. The 30-30 repeater guide has everything you need to know about the new one Need to know weapon, from attachments to skins

2 February, 2:22 p.m. GMT We’re taking a poll on our Twitter account @Titanfallblog asking which new feature you’re all looking forward to the most!

The early leader seems to be the map change at Kings Canyon, but you never know Your voice – and some others – could swing the tide

2 February 2:17 pm GMTO One of the biggest map changes in Apex Legends Season 8 is without a doubt the inclusion of Explosive Holds – these are full of loot and scattered around Kings Canyon! Opening it is not like a bunker or a loot safe, however, here is our guide on how to get inside from our writer David Purcell

2 February, 12:54 PM GMTA Some legends were hit by buffs and nerfs, as you’d expect

If you’re looking for specific details, check out our Season 8 Buffs and Nerfs Guide

2 February, 12:23 p.m. GMTO One of the most notable changes in the new update is the map changes – Kings Canyon is expected to look very different this time around, with the launch of Fuse not going according to plan and Maggie the game’s original map in one of the S8 trailers explodes

2 February, 12:20 pm GMT To start the live blog, let’s go over some of the biggest changes in S8 this season we’re going to see the following changes and more:

For more information, check out our Apex Legends Season 8 patch notes from Dexumts Apex content director Calum Patterson

2 February, 12:15 pm GMT, the trailer came with a bang for season eight! Chaos is the name of the game, and Fuse looks like an explosive addition to the list of legends

If you’d like to see your reactions, clips, or comments on our Apex Legends Season 8 live blog, tweet us @Titanfallblog and we’ll take a look!

With Octane being one of only two masked legends in Apex, the community has always wondered what “The Adrenaline Junkie” looks like under his mask and goggles Well, the release of Pathfinder’s quest book finally has the long-awaited face to players given what they asked for

Octane has been a popular legend since its release in Season 1, and his kit’s combination of improved movement and speed makes him the perfect character for any gamer looking to aggressively take on gunfights

Additionally, Respawn did a great job making him an incredibly personable character with a great range of language lines.His positive and hyped attitude towards everything he encounters at the Apex Games has always made him popular >

Despite all of this, we’ve never seen what he looks like. Well, we finally got our answer

If you’ve ever played Apex Legends and met Octane, you know the energetic daredevil wears a green and black mask that completely covers his face, which has led players to speculate about his eye color, hair, and face texture , but now Respawn has finally posted a photo of Octane without his mask

The picture of the legend is in the Pathfinder’s Quest book, which was released on Jan. February was released

The reception of the reveal has been mixed – but the majority agree that Respawn nailed Octane’s looks for some, the inclusion of subtle imperfections in his facial features made him a more believable and realistic character

“He looks great! I love the little imperfections, they make him look more believable and more human, “wrote one user. Another player even expressed that he was exactly as he had imagined:” Just like I was getting some crazy adrenaline like introduce him ”

At the end of the day, as every character’s face shows, you won’t be able to please everyone.Luckily, Respawn’s design of Octane’s face seems to have been well received by the community as a whole, so the question is, when does Bloodhound join the? Row is to take off the mask

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