The Philadelphia 76ers recently took a step to bolster their depth when they signed veteran striker Anthony Tolliver for a 10-day deal, 13-year-old Creighton veteran is a career 373 % Sagittarius from Below, and he puts a Stretch 4 ability on the bench

Tolliver played for three teams in the 2019-20 season: Portland Trail Blazers, Sacramento Kings, and Memphis Grizzlies.He hadn’t had any offers for the 2020-21 season until the Sixers called

“I received the call They asked me if I was in shape and I said “absolutely” ”, Tolliver beamed on Wednesday.“ They said, “How fast can you jump on a plane? “And I said” In about two hours ” I kissed all of my children and my wife and said, “See you later; We’ll think of something, ‘I just had to come over here and do some tests and get ready ”

He actually enjoyed a rare time with his family that he didn’t have much of in the past

“I enjoyed my time at home so much that I enjoyed my kids as a dad for an extended period of time and was able to coach my eldest son’s basketball team and other things like this,” Tolliver said on Wednesday ” I didn’t really want to get into the wrong situation. I wanted to make sure the situation really worked well and something that I really wanted to do ”

However, he remained ready for any offer that should come his way. He stated that he had set up a half-court basketball in his house and would stand ready should another NBA chance come, which opportunity and role does that Well, it remains to be seen, but the point is, he’s ready for whatever Coach Doc Rivers will ask of him

“I feel very well prepared for the opportunity,” he added. “Honestly, if that means playing two minutes or 20 minutes or whatever, I’m just here or just not playing , play, no minutes at all I’m here to support and help these young people who are not necessarily on the rotation in any way I can try Help them through this time because I’ve been there. From experience this can help a team a lot by only helping the guys who aren’t playing Keep them ready ”

Tolliver isn’t going to come in and be a game changer.He knows his role as someone who’s been around a few times, and he wants to help the younger guys on the team get into a groove and do things behind the scenes too Do Philadelphia needs a man like him who can pass on his experience and help on the ground when the time demands

“It’s bigger for me than just coming here and trying to play a few minutes,” he finished. “It’s a bigger job than this There’s a lot more to be won at a high level I’m not the savior I’m not here to win a championship for the team on my own. It’s just the little things behind the scenes that go a long way ”

Tolliver will be available when the Sixers face the Brooklyn Nets at 7 p.m. on Wednesday in summer time

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