Here’s a look at the life of Andrew Yang, entrepreneur and former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate

The main proposal for his political platform was the idea of ​​the Universal Basic Income (UBI). This “freedom dividend” would give every citizen 1$ 000 per month or 12$ 000 per year made available

Yang founded Freedom Dividend, a pilot program to promote universal basic income, in which he personally finances monthly cash payments

After graduating in Colombia, Yang worked as a lawyer for a short time before moving his professional focus to start-ups and entrepreneurship

September 2011 – Venture for America founded, a nonprofit that connects young college graduates with startups. Leaving the company in 2017

April 2012 – Ranked # 27 on Fast Company’s list of 100 Most Creative Business People

4 February 2014 – His book “Smart People Should Build Things: How To Restore Our Performance Culture, Create A Path For Entrepreneurs, And Create New Jobs In America” ​​is published

March 2019 – Yang is exploring the possibility of using a 3D hologram to remotely campaign in two or three locations at the same time

4 January 2020 – Launches an enrollment campaign for the Ohio Democratic Elementary School in March 2020 after failing to fully comply with state ballot access laws

19 February 2020 – CNN announces that Yang will join the network as a political commentator

5 March 2020 – Launch of Humanity Forward, a nonprofit group that, according to its website, “supports political candidates and provides resources that support universal basic income, human-centered capitalism and other concerted strategies at all levels,” Yang also announced that he will be launching a podcast in which he will discuss “new ideas for solving the greatest challenges of our time with” notable guests and “regular Americans”

23 December 2020 – Submission of documents to participate in the New York Mayor’s Race 2021, according to the city

“Believes Automation and AI Will Eliminate Millions of Jobs”

Automation and AI used to be believed to have made auto-assembly jobs obsolete, but there are still millions of them out there, and they make twice as much money as nurses and other critical workers so I don’t think his theory is much, at least in the short term Water contains

Andrew Yang

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