The app icon, which shows a bruise over the typical Amazon smiling arrow, got smoother edges and a folded corner after claims it bears a resemblance to the German dictator

You may not have seen it until someone pointed it out, but an Amazon logo that was only softly redesigned had a disturbing resemblance to the face of Adolf Hitler At least according to some on social media

The much-mocked app icon with a smiling arrow under a toothbrush-style mustache was unveiled in January, replacing a shopping cart logo the online shopping giant had been using for over 5 years

The company refused to say on Wednesday whether criticism of the new logo prompted the second redesign this year, which blunted the shaggy edges and dog-eared one corner of the bruise that Amazon says is always provoked should be a piece of packing tape

“We designed the new icon to spark anticipation, excitement and joy when customers start their shopping trip on their phone, just as they do when they see our boxes on their doorstep”The company said about the original change to the shopping cart icon

While Amazon didn’t directly respond to questions about whether the tweaks were made in response to social media chattering and news reports about the logo, companies are stepping on sensitive ground with their branding and social media’s ability to highlight trends or criticism. p>

Kara S. Alaimo, professor of public relations at Hofstra University, said at a time of outrage and trolling through social media, branding experts should bend back to see how people could misuse or misinterpret their logos before launchingâ ?? ??

“America is becoming more diverse and consumer expectations that businesses are sensitive to the experiences of different groups are rising,” she added, “If you are a brand, you want to drive and influence cultural change” not catching up with youâ? ??

In recent years, companies have redesigned products, team names and logos, confronting themselves with racist stereotypes that are hidden in all areas, from breakfast foods to cars and cups, as they were confiscated by the German authorities in 2014

While some objections have addressed publicly available symbols and names, others have drawn attention to unintentional hidden messages or questioned designs that could camouflage themselves or suggest violent Nazi images

In 2013 a JC. Penney’s billboard was removed in California after some saw Hitler’s resemblance in a tea kettle.Last year, Facebook removed advertising on its platform that bought the Trump campaign that prominently featured a red triangle, a symbol used by Nazis to classify political prisoners

At last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, some onlookers said the stage was shaped like a rune appropriated by the Nazis as a symbol of hatred The organization denied the claim

Images of the Amazon app logo change were widely circulated on Twitter in many languages ​​and reported by several news organizations outside the U.S. In Germany, where reproductions of Nazi symbols are banned, news of the Amazon logo change in technology publications was covered / p>

“Of course you can see Adolf Hitler anywhere if you want,” Thomas Cloer, a journalist, said on Twitter

Jonathan A, the executive director of the Anti-Defamation League Greenblatt said that Nazi symbols could become mainstream as they spread, especially by people who do not fully understand their meaning

The league, which curates an online database of hate symbols, previously drew attention to other examples, such as when Zara sold a striped shirt with a six-pointed yellow Star of David and H&M advertised a black kid who wore a sweatshirt said â ?? ?? coolest monkey in the jungleâ ????

??????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????? Mr Greenblatt said although in many cases it is unintentional, because of the history and use of symbolism by racists and anti-Semites from the Nazis to the current white supremacist movement, people are rightly sensitive to these issuesâ ????

Dr Alaimo said it seemed like Amazon didn’t expect people to see Hitler credentials and that it was quick to address concerns

In its statement emailed on Wednesday, Amazon said the new app icon follows recent visual and functional updates ???? It was on 1 Launched January 25 in the UK, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands on iOS; worldwide on iOS on Feb. 22; and on Android on 1 March

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