‘ She had a terrible experience and you decide to joke about it? ‘wrote one person

Alyssa Milano has been criticized for posting a thoughtless comment during an Instagram Live hosted by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The charming actress was one of the thousands who died on Monday (Jan. February) saw the moving video by congressmen sharing their experiences with the Capitol riots on Feb. January reported

AOC was in attendance when a group of Trump supporters stormed the building in Washington DC trying to prevent Joe Biden’s presidency from being certified

She was hiding with Rep Katie Porter, who previously said she told Ocasio-Cortez, “I hope I don’t die today”

When AOC spoke of her traumatic experience and explained how she feared for her life, Milano wrote in the comments, “Has Katie pulled out her whiteboard at any point?”

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Porter is known for using a whiteboard to punch holes in sums given by people they challenge in Congress

Your use of the whiteboard, nicknamed “The Mighty Whiteboard of Truth” was effectively responsible for running free Covid-19 testing in America

Many people who saw Milano’s comment on AOC’s Instagram Live criticized the actor One person wrote, “AOC literally talks about fearing for her life, but leave Alyssa Milano to be as annoying as ever in the comments”

“Suppose what’s wrong with you [AOC] has had [a] terrible experience and you decide to joke about it?” someone else wrote

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Katie Porter

World News – USA – Alyssa Milano has been criticized for making “terrible” comments during AOC’s moving Instagram Live

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