You know Aaron Carter for his childhood fame, music career, and for being the younger brother of Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys, but more recently he has been the focus of his physical appearance – where he debuted many new tattoos (some of them on his face) – and his rather extensive and frankly complicated romantic life

His first public relationship goes all the way back to Hilary Duff during the days of The Lizzie McGuire (so cute) but since dating the Disney alum, his love life has gotten a bit chaotic from then on, which we’re talking about a very nerve-wracking one Relationship and Two Engagements Stay Tuned If You Want To Learn More It’s Too Juicy Not To Do It!

Who can ever forget the legendary 2001 Lizzie McGuire episode in which the two kiss? For one, this was already shocking because it was a long time to see word-of-mouth action on the Disney Channel and second, just from this episode onwards, people could feel the chemistry between the then 13-year-olds, and it just was The icing on the cake After that, they allegedly started dating and were back and forth for a few years, with Lindsay Lohan involved. Yes, it’s a lot

In 2014, he posted tweets to Duff about how he was going to get them back, these tweets have since been deleted, but shortly after explaining this on his social media account, he went on ET and spoke of his shocking statement when asked as to whether he still loved her, he replied, “Absolutely I don’t know who she is today, she doesn’t know who I am today, but I would sweep her off her feet if I ever got a chance to come back and fix what I did wrong “

During a buzzfeed interview, Duff was asked how she felt about the things Aaron had said about her – years after they were involved – and she said, “He does, I keep seeing him Keep doing this I don’t know how I feel I mean, that was so long ago and obviously I’m still married and having a baby and we just don’t know each other So, yeah “That comment was made around the time she was married to Mike Comrie

Lindsay seems to be one of the reasons Hilary and Aaron split up. When speaking with CNBC in 2005, he apparently said, “I dated [Hilary] for about a year and a half, and then I just got a little bored, so I went and met Lindsay “Hard, a lot?

They were teenagers when they started dating and didn’t stay together for long. Though Aaron Carter addressed in 2010 how their relationship was OK !: “If I had the chance to talk to her, she would probably try me or attacking something else because the things I had to say would be very blunt and not what everyone else told her “

He continued, “I don’t need you. There were times when you needed me so don’t forget that” All right!

Teenage boy Aaron asked Kari Anne Peniche the big question when he was 18 and she was 22 at the time.She allegedly had also dated his brother Nick in 2006 when she agreed to the suggestion on a Playboy Comedy Tour at the Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas to

But just six days after it happened they canceled everything. A representative of his told People, “He decided he made a mistake. He’s young and was caught up in the moment he’s hoping they can be friends ”

They dated a little over a year and were very serious about each other to the point where they lived together, an Insider Weekly told us, but after they finished, they moved out and released a week after their split Aaron posted a statement about his bisexuality on Twitter

In a since-deleted tweet, he said, “Years went by that I thought about it, but it wasn’t until I was 17 that after a few relationships with girls I had an experience with a guy I had an attraction with who I also worked with and grew up with “

Rumors circulated that this was why he and Madison broke up, but she confirmed with E! that was not true. “My breakup with Aaron has nothing to do with his being bisexual. Our breakup of ways is something that has been going on for a while and is best for both of us,” she said

He posted an Instagram post (which has now been deleted) with Russian-born, Los Angeles-based artist Lina Valentina. He wrote the post: “You have my heart for the rest of my life Our relationship is new, but we will grow old together and have our families I will appreciate the respect of honor and be the man I always wanted to be”Because you showed me that you were the woman I always dreamed of after dating for almost a year, Aaron confirmed they went their separate ways

The two only went public with their relationship in January 2020 that it really must have been special considering he has her name permanently on his face and now they’re after a rocky relationship, according to the cheat sheet a domestic violence arrest, passed to the bride and groom

The news of their engagement came after they announced on a YouTube live stream that they were back together and had a miscarriage.Their brief breakup was chaotic, with Aaron tweeting some things, but they seem happy now to be that they are back in the lives of others!

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