Let’s admit it: As a society we were nowhere near enough skeptical about Santa Claus For whatever reason, we agreed together that it is acceptable – yes, encouraged – to tell our children a lie But myth or not, there seems to be an undeniable plot hole in that part of the legend where we seemingly all agreed that it was totally cool for an estranged old man to break into a chimney into our house once a year / p>

Don’t get me wrong: I am in no way trying to beat Santa (technically, I owe him gifts for a few decades, so that just wouldn’t be strategic) I’m just saying that context is key And for a long time there seemed to be some significant disagreement about the man in the history of red that is, until 50 years ago a television special came out to try to improve the record

As Rankin bass ‘Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town (SCICTT) on 14 First aired on CBS on December 23, 1970, viewers were greeted by the face of a zippy, blue-eyed postman named Special Delivery, “SD.Kluger Voiced by Fred Astaire, the stop-motion animated doll jumped out of his truck and started reading letters from his mailbag filled with questions from children around the world asking about the legend of Santa Claus “I have all the answers” , S.D. Kluger assured him before he broke into the movie’s theme song Now, half a century after its release, it’s high time to take a similar second look at the origins of this iconic Christmas special

Much like the story of Santa Claus, SCICTT’s legacy has often been spread orally and just like the entourage that would help Kris Kringle get into his final form, there are far more contributors than you might think who helped SCICTT “Putting one foot in front of the other” From the thoughts behind its story to the “Animagic” team in Japan to the wonder of seeing them on television every year, there is a bit of magic to be seen in every step that leads to the Made film as immortal as Santa Claus

When it comes to SCICTT, it may be the person who is most likely to have “all the answers” like SD Smarter is Rick Goldschmidt Official Rankin bass historian Goldschmidt is something of a definitive bond with the notable contributors to the production company, including founder Arthur Rankin, Jr and Jules Bass Rankin Bass Footprint Is Inseparable from Pop Culture Tim Burton has cited Rankin Bass as inspiration for his own career, while shows like SNL, SpongeBob Squarepants, Community, and MadTV have released their own Rankin bass parodies by Goldschmidt , who wrote about SCICTT in his book The Making of Santa Claus Is Comin ‘to Town and The Daydreamer, said the film came at a time when Rankin-Bass came after the success of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in 1964 and However, Frosty the Snowman in 1969 Goldschmidt says that what really made the film timeless was the story at its core

“I think it’s an important special because it defines Santa Claus for a lot of people,” says Goldschmidt “And Romeo Müller has it all in his head. Müller wrote many of Rankin-Bass’s greatest hits. And Goldschmidt says that if Rankin hadn’t hired the screenwriter so many years ago, we might not be able to talk about the Rankin-Bass specials decades later.” >

The story follows Kris from his childhood as an adopted orphan of the Elvish Kringle family to his vocation as an adult to give toys to the children of the world.Completely new characters are added to the legend, such as the evil city ruler, mayor Meisterburger, whose toy ban Kris evades must to bring presents to the children of Sombertown Along the way, viewers also encounter new dimensions of classic characters like Mrs. Claus, who is first introduced as the school teacher Miss Jessica, as well as Santa’s elves are considered the Kringle family of toy makers

These characters were brought to life by SCICTT’s star cast: Fred Astaire, Keenan Wynn, Mickey Rooney, Paul Frees, and Robie Lester, among others, according to Goldschmidt, portraying a well-known actor on the bill became something of a sort for Rankin bass Signature after the studio was asked to swap Sam the snowman for Rudolph in Burl Ives at the last minute. But Rankin was no stranger to the star power Goldschmidt says that Rankin’s whole family was “in business” His mother was a singer, his father an actor in films by Shirley Temple, his grandfather, famous character actor Harry Davenport Goldschmidt said Rankin had an eye for talent and found speakers who “would bring personality to stop-motion animation”

In addition to Müller’s skilled storytelling and a lively cast, SCICTT may have been a kind of magnum opus for music director Maury Laws, Goldschmidt says the film contained one of Law’s favorite pieces of his own work: the musical number “Christmas Carol,” the can be seen in Kris and Jessica’s wedding scene Accompanied by the fan favorites “Put one foot in front of the other” and “Santa Claus is coming to town” and the often shortened time frame “My world begins today”, Goldschmidt states that the orchestrations with ” Bouncy castle “are filled with carillons” that have become a signature of Laws and Rankin-Bass. “You just hear it in the background and think:” Man, this is really Christmas, “says Goldschmidt

However, you can’t talk about Rankin bass without discussing the animation process – especially with a name like Animagic.If Romeo Mueller is the heart of Rankin bass films and Maury Laws is the beat, then the animators are Rankin -Bass Really The Brain What many don’t know, however, is that the entire stop-motion animation process for Rankin Bass films took place entirely in Japan

The story goes that Rankin was invited by a delegate to visit studios in Japan and was immediately impressed by the caliber of their stop-motion animation. Several Japanese studios would be employed to contribute to each special – perhaps the most notable of them Topcraft, now known as Studio Ghibli (which produced many popular animated series such as the Oscar-winning Spirited Away) Tadahito “Tad” Mochinaga, whom Goldschmidt refers to as the Japanese “father of stop-motion”, served as the main animator for many Rankin bass specials until SCICTT, when his protégé Hiroshi Tabata presumably assumed many of the exact roles of these animators, however Left to Interpretation from the Credits of the Original Films While many studio owners received credits of honor, the contributions of others were derived from photographs found by Tabata

Talent and technical details are important, but there really is no better measure of the film’s success than its programming history. “When they were on TV and you had to see them once, when there were no VCRs,” says Goldschmidt “That was really something special.” Even today, SCICTT is not readily available on most of the major streaming platforms – one of the main reasons why it has retained this charm of tradition to this day

This importance is not lost on Sarah Lindmann, SVP for content planning and strategy at Freeform, who has continued the legacy of her sister channel ABC to broadcast the special as part of the “25 Days of Christmas” marathon “Our partnership with ABC brings us one of the most important Christmas specials of the holiday season, “says Lindmann, calling the special a” roadmap “for negotiating an agreement with CBS to also air Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. Lindmann says the holiday season often draws viewers who are “hungry for content that connects them to their families” In view of all the challenges we are facing in 2020, ”says Lindmann,“ we are proud and grateful to have met this need””

In a way, this cyclical need for stories that offer a bit of magic on darker days is timeless in itself. Towards the end of the film, there is a montage of cynical adults One last frowned businessman grumbles, “How can you talk about Santa Claus when there is so much misfortune in the world?” S.D. Kluger replied promptly: “Bad luck? Maybe so. But doesn’t Santa Claus take away a bit of this misfortune? “Maybe this human suffering is more years than we remember. And maybe it’s what leads us, however defeated, digitized or disaffected we may be, to check our TV guides for a 50-year-old stop-motion Christmas special to hear If it does, take it from SD. Kluger himself: There will always be magic that can be rethought and reinvented year after year. “Now that you know everything about him,” he says, before getting into his mail van, “you can be damn sure that Santa Claus comes into town in snow or flood””

“If you are on 21 Looking west just after sunset on December 17th, you should see that Jupiter and Saturn are getting closer than they have ever been on the planet, “says astrophysicist Jackie Faherty

“If on 21 Looking west just after sunset on December 17th, you should see that Jupiter and Saturn are getting closer to each other than ever before on the planet, ”says Jackie Faherty, an astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History. This great connection between Jupiter and Saturn was not only made referred to as “poinsettia” because of the festive timing, but also because of the connections that some experts theorize that historical events may be linked to astronomical phenomena from the past, “What happens in astronomy, what I find really cool is that we can go through historical texts and find out when someone said something in a story or folklore that we can relate to an astronomical event, “she says.” A biblical story told around Christmas is about three sages, that of Faherty explains that as the atmosphere tends to be the A “In this case, the idea of ​​the star of Bethlehem could have been a great connection of Jupiter and Saturn that is bright and brilliant and The next time you expect a Jupiter & Saturn Conjuction to withstand this is in 2080 and then again in 2417, so you might want to catch them while you can

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