JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) – Jefferson County Superintendent Walter Gonsoulin confirmed Tuesday that a 14-year-old boy, a ninth grader, was killed in the Fultondale tornado on Monday evening

“Out of respect for the family, we don’t want to publish too much information at this time,” said Dr Gonsoulin “But we know that there was a 14-year-old student in the 9th grade Class is what in turn contributes to the saddest situation ”

Fultondale Mayor Larry Holcomb told WBRC FOX6 News that the teenager was killed in the Carson Road and New Castle Road area

Holcomb added that 18 people with injuries were hospitalized and 11 people were treated on site

Survey teams from the National Meteorological Service have identified at least high-end EF-2 tornado damage, indicating wind speeds of 135 mph

STORM SURVEY UPDATE: NWS Survey Crews have found at least high-end EF-2 tornado damage (135 mph wind) in Fultondale, mainly north of Walker Chapel Road NE to US Highway 31 and New Castle Road for now and the polls are still on #alwx

Multiple agency first responders searched and removed Jefferson County for possible captured storm victims Tuesday morning. Assistant Fire Chief Justin McKenzie of the Fultondale Fire Department said crews could rescue six people Tuesday morning

Assistant Fire Chief Justin McKenzie of the Fultondale Fire Department said shortly after 3:30 am that “we have possible deaths, the number still cannot be confirmed. We still have search and rescue teams on duty,” McKenzie also confirmed Tuesday morning that it was about to At that point there were many injuries or deaths ”

There have been multiple reports of damage in northern Jefferson County after a tornado landed late Monday night

A tornado warning was issued shortly after 10:30 p.m. and reports of damage were received soon after

Take a closer look at tornado damage in Fultondale, Alabama, at the Hampton Inn Lots of damage and debris around HWY 65 and Walker Chapel Rd Avoid ImageTwittercom / inCAAYig5T

if possible

Several buildings were damaged on Walker Chapel Road, Fultondale, including a Hampton Inn, Comfort Inn and Suites, a chilli restaurant, and possibly an outback steakhouse

We’re LIVE with guests who heard @FambroMedia tear down the roof of the Hampton Inn in Fultondale live on @WBRCnews

A gentleman tells me when his window burned in, he was just hoping he wouldn’t die https: // tco / kYpyalxkr7

Was on the #tornado moving through Fultondale – houses destroyed in North Darlene – Republic – Old Newcastle – Nelda and Lual Drive

Working with first responders and taking pictures if possible In the worst damage storms in the area so we had to stop for a minute #ALwx BildTwittercom / maeJfHlLWk

Other pictures show some serious damage at the intersection of North Pine Hill Road and Carson Road

Major structural damage at Fultondale intersection of North Pine Hill Road and Carson Road By: Justin Hindman @WBRCnews @weswyattweather @ jpdice_Fox6 @NWSBirmingham picTwittercom / 1InZ4Ayx8f

There are also reports of damage to Sunhill Road at Center Point Center Point Mayor confirmed that Hilldale Baptist Church has had roof damage in addition to trees in the same area The church steeple was blown off the roof

Our @BrittanyDtvNews LIVE with the Mayor of Center Point saying that the back half of the roof of Hilldale Baptist Church on Sun Hill Road has been blown off by the tornado and is reporting nearby hail

Lots of uprooted trees and rundown power lines on Sunhill Road at Center Point @WBRCweather @WBRCnews @ jpdice_Fox6 @weswyattweather picTwittercom / erbZmZAmZe

Neighbor says they heard loud wind and popping noises, then a loud crack @WBRCnews @WBRCweather BildTwittercom / n7epEIU65M

The Hoover Fire Department assisted Fultondale first responders in their search and rescue after the storms

Technical Rescue 4 and Battalion 1 are on site in Fultondale, helping with the search and rescue of stormsTwittercom / Xnp0ofE8pR

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