Willie Spence was in her 19th American Idol’s Season One Outstanding Contestant In Episodes On Jan. and 5 On April 1st, Willie and the other 23 remaining singers will battle it out for a spot in the top 16 to get there they’ll have to impress the judges all over again as they perform with various superstar singers that viewers will definitely recognize

For his all-star duet, Willie will get the chance to sing with Katharine McPhee.He has proven he has a powerful voice week after week, but singing alongside a pro like Katharine will definitely put him to the test Make sure to find out more about Willie before this week’s episode:

Before auditioning on American Idol, Willie spoke of a health scare that urged him to lose weight to save his own life, “I was hospitalized for a check-up because I had chest pain “, Willie explained.” The doctors told me they found fluid in my lungs. I weighed 600 pounds. When they told me I knew I needed to focus more on my health. I went from 600 pounds to 400 pounds ”

Willie’s story impressed host Ryan Seacrest, who asked how he could get himself in better shape. “My food was a big part of it,” Willie admitted, “I’ve got a trainer now, I’m better, I’m out of fluids overall Willie lost over 180 pounds for audition “I’m just sane and focused,” he said, “If I’m not sane, I can’t sing”

It’s still unclear how things will play out for Willie on American Idol, but he’s already working on his dreams of becoming a musician. Earlier this year, Willie released his latest single, “So Gone,” and even released a music video for it Song On his official YouTube page, he publishes many videos of himself covering the songs of other artists, but also shares his own original music

Willie credits his family for helping him get through the tough times “I’m doing this for my family,” he said before his audition. “They always supported me. They were there from the start during Showstopper Week Willie added, “This year has been a tough year. Being in the hospital really scared me I thought I wasn’t going to survive. My family got me through too and I’m very grateful

Willie’s family even made a virtual appearance during the episode. “We all love you with all our hearts,” enthused his mother Sharon. “We pray that you will go ahead and God will let you climb that ladder of success with American Idol”

Willie was born in Florida and grew up in Douglas, Georgia. Willie has a strong connection with his hometown. When Willie spoke to the judges after his Showstopper round, he said he knew the people back home in Douglas ” be very happy ”and“ proud ”of him

Katharine McPhee

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