Wells Fargo customers who wanted to find out Wednesday if their Stimulus payments had been received instead found their mobile app down and online accounts inaccessible, the bank said the outage was due to high volumes and have no influence on the electronic payment of economic money

“We apologize to our customers who may have problems with our online banking this morning,” the bank said in a tweet March, which were credited to accounts today Thank you for your patience “

A Wells Fargo spokesman said in a statement: “We are working to resolve the problem as soon as possible”

Meanwhile, the Treasury Department released a report stating that 90 million stimulus payments totaling more than $ 242 billion have been sent to date, with the majority of those payments being electronically via direct deposit1,000 physical checks valued at approximately $ 442 million sent

Update: A Wells Fargo spokesman said in a statement to NPR that the bank has addressed the issue and customers should now be able to access online banking again

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World News – US – Wells Fargo website crashes when customers try to see if they are receiving stimulus payments to have

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