New York City already had snow flurries on Sunday evening, which is just the start of a mega-storm that will worsen as the week progresses Bringing Up to 24 Inches of Snow Accuweather Chief Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said, “When most people get up on Monday morning, it will snow”

The meteorologist added: “The snow will be light at first If people wake up at 7am tomorrow, it won’t necessarily snow heavily, but it will snow””

The potential snowfall is expected to drop at a rate of one to three inches per hour

Experts have warned that the combination of heavy snowfall and strong wind could result in blizzards across the city

The storm that began off the North Carolina coast and is moving up the east coast is expected to cover the three-state area with a large dose of snow that weather experts say could be difficult to clear

Mr Pydynowski said, “When it first arrives tonight, it can be relatively powdery and fluffy

“But as the storm progresses, it will likely snow quite wet, which is not uncommon for us when these storms come up the coast””

Forecasters said the weather might not affect New Yorkers’ commuting as the snow will be “light at first”

Fresh snow forecast: 18 “- 24” for NYC, NE NJ, Lower Hudson Valley, much of Nassau, &-parts of SW CT Lower amounts on the way to E due to the warm air in the & air Surface that turns the snow into a wintry mix of rain, snow and & sleet A switch to rain is likely for Twin Forks by LI picTwittercom / ZvJHUMeHp4

But Mr Pydynowski warned motorists to try to make sure they are off the road at lunchtime

He added, “If you’re trying to negotiate the heaviest snowfall, we’ll see the snow really pick up after 1pm after noon”

By Monday afternoon, the Three State Territory should have “enough snow to be able to toboggan,” added the meteorologist

He said, “Of course you should have enough snow in the grass to go sledding and build a snowman”


In addition to heavy snowfall, New Yorkers should be prepared for storm winds of up to 45 miles per hour

The lows, which are expected to drop to -1 ° C, feel “almost ice cold” due to the winds that continue after the snow stop on Tuesday

Mr Pydynowski said, “It will feel like you are in the single digits and your teenage years. It will certainly feel a lot colder than your lower 30s (Fahrenheit)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warned all state agencies to prepare their “emergency supplies” such as vehicles and equipment on Sunday

Vehicles and equipment are also being prepared to assist all local partners during the stormy storm

Government agencies are already deploying resources in areas that are expected to be hardest hit by snow

Governor Cuomo said, “As we know, these storms can be unpredictable I therefore urge all New Yorkers to watch the weather closely over the next few days and take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones ”

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