PHILADELPHIA, PA – 3 JANUARY: Alex Smith # 11 of the Washington Football Team plays the ball against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on Jan. January 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Photo by Mitchell Leff / Getty Images)

Washington Football Team quarterback Alex Smith brought home the 2020 Comeback Player of the Year for the NFL, which comes as no surprise to anyone on his return trip

The 2020 NFL Awards were given out on Saturday and the Washington Football team had a pretty good night in the Defensive Ending category, and to no surprise, Chase Young was named Defensive Rookie of the Year In an even less shocking decision, quarterback Alex became Smith named Comeback Player of the Year

Alex Smith, who won this award, was a breeze for everyone (for almost everyone as he got 49 of the 50 votes) The Quarterback’s Story is one for the history books by now everyone knows the dramatic story, but in case you don’t , let yourself be informed quickly

As early as 2018, Smith was traded to Washington. He started the season strong and had it in first place in the first nine games with a 6-3 record However, Smith suffered a gruesome injury on Nov. At 18 (exactly 33 years ago to the date of the Joe Theismann injury), Smith had a terrible fracture of his leg, bones through the skin and everything

Smith missed the rest of the year and all of 2019, during that time he had 17 surgeries, which included an infection where he was only hours away from a leg amputation There was a time when people feared him could not survive

Then, in 2020, Smith was cleared to play, and the festival video had people worried, showing him partying with his kids and not looking like someone who should be cleared to play there was a significant limping, it looked like he had recently broken his leg

There wasn’t much fear, however, I mean he would never see the field, right? Dwayne Haskins and Kyle Allen stood before him on the depth map

Even if Smith never touched the field in 2020, he was the comeback player of the year the fact that he even put on the uniform was more than enough – he was cleared to play and worked exceptionally hard for it, and right there he won the award

That didn’t happen, however. After four games, Haskins was benched Allen was named the starter and Smith named his backup, but in his first game as a starter, Allen suffered an arm injury, which put Smith into a game for the first time in nearly 700 days Numbers weren’t great (9 versus 17 for 37 yards) but he was back on the field – unbelievable

Allen was good to go the next week so Smith was back on the bench. And Allen played pretty well, not great, but well, in the next two games on Nov. 8, (nearly two years to the date of Smith’s injury) Allen also had a nasty leg injury.Not nearly as severe, but enough to make it clear he wasn’t going to be returning, not just for the game but for the rest of the season

So Smith came along and he was the starter for most of the rest of the year (a calf injury kept him out for a couple of weeks, with Haskins taking over before he was released)

Smith was solid too.He wasn’t great (just six touchdowns versus eight interceptions in eight games), but the offense moved a lot better when Smith was in. More importantly, Washington won games with Smith as a starter, it worked Team to score 5-2, including winning their last five games in that role

Smith helped get the Washington Football team into the playoffs as NFC East Champions (with a 7-9 record but still in the playoffs) An injury resulted in his playoff game against Tampa Bay Buccaneers missed In his absence, Taylor Heinicke brilliantly filled in. He became the talking point of Washington for a couple of weeks

However, it was Alex Smith who helped Washington come back and win NFC East, and it’s Alex Smith who deserves the award Don’t get me wrong, other players have adversity, bad seasons, injuries and all that funny stuff overcome But there wasn’t anyone who could have won the 2020 award The man is a living legend, now name the damn award after him

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