By Meg Wagner, Melissa Mahtani, Melissa Macaya, Veronica Rocha, Mike Hayes and Fernando Alfonso III, CNN

A source close to Vice President Mike Pence says he plans to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20

Another source said the pence has been pressured by many of those around him who encourage it to attend, but has not yet been officially invited

Republican Sen Lindsey Graham, a close ally of Trump, said Thursday that the president’s performances were “tarnished from yesterday” and the attack will be “an important part of his presidency.”

“When it comes to accountability, the president needs to understand that his actions were the problem, not the solution,” he added

“I got close to the President personally It’s been an amazing four years in terms of judges, securing the border, getting a vaccine in record time, deregulating the economy, tax cuts, historic Middle East peace deals and the destruction of the caliphate, on and on, was tarnished yesterday, “he said

While criticizing Trump at a press conference Thursday over the Capitol uprising, it was Graham’s turn to defend Trump by also blaming media coverage and Trump’s aide

When asked if he thinks Trump could cause more violence, he replied, “I hope he doesn’t, adding that he is hopeful because I spoke to some people this morning and received some reassurances I think we are moving in the right direction ”

For the 25th In amendment he said: “I do not think this is appropriate at the moment” but he added: “If something else happens, all options are on the table”

“The reason I was close to the president is because I think he has done tremendous things for this country,” he said, pointing out judicial nominations, among other things

When asked if he thinks Trump would run for office again in the future, he replied, “I’m not worried about the next election, I’m worried about the next 14 days”

He also urged Trump to “accept that he missed out in the elections”, “and a new president will come. He also asked him to reject the rhetoric and allow us as a nation to heal and move forward”

“I hope the worst is behind us and we’ll be on the 20th January can transfer power, “he said

He commended Vice President Mike Pence, saying, “The things he was supposed to do in the name of loyalty were exaggerated, unconstitutional, illegal and would have been wrong for the country”

Two sources familiar with the matter say the gap between President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence has widened in the past 24 hours.Trump is angry with Pence and Pence is disappointed and saddened by Trump, sources say

Pence’s feelings built after Trump spent weeks trying to convince him to unilaterally overthrow the elections, and it culminated in the chaos sparked by the President’s comments yesterday

Also, Pence phoned Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller, who called for a faster National Guard response after lawmakers circulated widespread lack of response Trump never called to check his welfare, and Pence still hasn’t achieved

The source said that despite the current momentum, it doesn’t provide an answer at this point, such as: B. stepping back from pence

In addition, the source says that many administrative officials who are appealed to Aug. Change discussed, as CNN reported last night, today believe that such a move would do more harm than good

A separate source close to Pence reports that those talks failed to get to his office in the early afternoon, but lawmakers have tried to reach out to him on the matter

Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller described the storming of the US Capitol in a statement released by the Pentagon on Thursday as “reprehensible and contrary to the principles of the United States Constitution”

Miller praised the actions of the District of Columbia National Guard and said the Pentagon would “make the traditional peaceful transfer of power” to reach President-elect Joe Biden

“I condemn these acts of violence against our democracy in the strongest possible terms. I and the people I lead in the Ministry of Defense continue to fulfill our duties in accordance with our oath of office January carry out the traditional peaceful transfer of power to elected President Biden, ”he added

Miller was named acting secretary by President Trump after the president sacked former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper after November 3 election

Pete Gaynor, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, condemned the unrest in a message to the workforce on Thursday afternoon, calling it a “riot” according to an internal CNN message

Gaynor said FEMA staff worked overnight to “assist in efforts to ensure the continuity of government operations,” adding, “There are still many questions about the attack on the U.”S. Capitol and it will take time to find the answers ”

Twitch said Thursday it disabled President Trump’s channel for gaming, making it the latest technology platform to crack down on the president’s accounts after his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol

The move from Amazon’s own gaming service comes as other platforms escalate their restrictions on the President’s accounts

On Thursday, Facebook banned Trump’s account from posting on the platform for at least the duration of his term of office and possibly “indefinitely”. A day earlier, Twitter temporarily suspended Trump’s account and warned for the first time that it could suspend him permanently

Maryland Gov Larry Hogan, a Republican, said he thinks the nation would be better off if President Trump was removed from office during a press conference Thursday

“We need guidance now and we have to stop all this madness,” said Hogan

He called the attack by pro-Trump supporters “hideous” and an attack on the rule of law

“What we saw in the nation’s Capitol wasn’t just an attack on the elected officials or historic buildings and our law enforcement agencies. It was an attack on the rule of law, the very foundation of self-government and who we are as Americans. The mob may have glass broken, but they didn’t and they won’t break our democracy, “he said

Hogan also noted that while he had the state’s National Guard ready for deployment to the Capitol, he couldn’t get immediate federal approval to send them in for nearly 90 minutes

Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, condemned security officials’ response to today’s riot on Capitol Hill, saying protesters who marched for civil rights this summer were treated much harsher

Cullors said it was “disgusting” that there was “no lack of security” yesterday ”

She also praised President-elect Joe Biden’s remarks, in which he also drew a contrast between the security response to the riot in the Capitol and the police’s response to Black Lives Matter protesters in the summer

“When President-elect Joe Biden heard, he really did speak of the dire situation and made it clear that the Black Lives Matter protesters were and will be treated differently from the white supremacist terrorists,” she said. “He doesn’t just talk with the country but on a global stage ”

During some of the first appearances in the DC Supreme Court Thursday, prosecutors asked the judge to prevent the defendants from being in town, finding that they were not residents

Judge Juliet McKenna ordered 38-year-old Michael Jared Amos of Florida to stay out of the District of Columbia until further notice and only allowed him to appear in court in the capital

Amos was charged on Wednesday for illegally entering the U.S. Capitol and violating the 6 p.m curfew set by the mayor Amos is accused of disobeying orders from the Capitol Police and MPD officers and ignoring the citywide curfew He has pleaded not guilty

Another defendant, David Ross, 33, of Massachusetts, pleaded not guilty of illegally entering the country and violating the 6 p.m curfew. He was also ordered by the judge to stay out of Washington, DC

During his courtroom appearance on Thursday over Zoom, Amos sat in a cell and said his cell phone was dead. He was wearing a surgical mask and an army green t-shirt with stars and stripes. He said he had a hotel room in the DC area and would leave town

Shortly before the end of his brief hearing, Ross asked the judge to clarify the charges as he did not understand them The judge informed Ross to speak to his attorney

The federal court, the DC District Court, will also hear new cases related to the riot on Thursday This hearing is due to begin shortly

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