Jeremy Lin, point guard for free agents, signs a contract with the warriors, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic, noting (via Twitter) that Lin needs a FIBA ​​letter of approval from the Chinese Basketball Federation, to officially sign with Golden State

It sounds like it’s a non-guaranteed Exhibit 10 deal for Lin with Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated tweeted that the 32-year-old is set to play for the Santa Cruz Warriors, the G League subsidiary of Golden State, which means he will be overturned shortly after his deal is signed

Lin, who made his NBA debut with the Warriors in 2010, spent nine NBA seasons with eight teams, had a breakout year with the Knicks in 2011/12 and won a 2019 championship with the Raptors Picked China last season and averaged 22 years old3 PPG, 57 RPG, and 56 APG for the Ducks who received a CBA All-Star Nod

Lin made a steady contribution in 51 games with the Hawks in 2018/19, averaging 107 PPG and 35 APG shooting a 466/333/845, however, after buying out from Atlanta and signing with the Raptors, he only recorded 70 PPG and 22 APG a 374/200/810 shootout and dropped out of Toronto’s rotation for the playoffs

Lin had recently trained in Walnut Creek, California, with G League Ignite, the NBAGL selection team made up of top prospects and a handful of veterans

The warriors will have to remove a player from their 20-man training camp to officially sign Lin

Poole looks like a bust for the warriors He just disappears for a long distance Warriors need a game starter on the second team

I think Jordan Poole has improved a lot from last season. He will be fine I’m just saying I keep my fingers crossed and I am hopeful, but I think he will be fine

So the man won’t even be on the list of actual warriors, just on the G-League list ???? Wow!

It’s a great move for the player and the team. Someone’s going down, they’re ready to jump in the car and head to San Francisco

Fine … Okay Lin back to where it started. His stats were relegation for a backup. At 32 he can still be a solid rotation player. He’s a great pick-n-roll guard that made Linsanity wish him the best / p>

Just wondering if an Exhibit 10 deal isn’t too good for this guy
Seems like a perfectly good waste of a roster seat if you ask me, doesn’t it?

I doubt you know their list or who they signed up for. The best way to find talent for a limited team is through Gleague and Warriors desperately in need of backup PG

Lin and Korver are better than Toscano-Anderson and Mulder, GSW looks a lot better with these two vets than the newbies Plus PJ Tucker, D Rose or JaVale also come through the IPTE The GSW could be their longest bench in this year of the Kerr era have

If Wiseman is really David Robinson, then the whole league is going to be beating the air all season, lmao

“Lin and Korver are better than Toscano-Anderson and Mulder, GSW looks a lot better than the newbies with these two vets”

Wow, I hadn’t heard that the warriors signed Korver too? Wow, that’s great news He’s a great shooter I’m looking forward to his role on the team Thanks for the report

Jeremy Lin would be a great addition to GSW. He can be a good roleplayer off the bench, has a great locker room presence, and just fits the culture there

I find it strange that Lin has basically found no place as a role-player on a team in the last few years, as if he were a capable starting point guard and never averaged less than 10PPG – so you’d think if he was that effective as a starter could be if he were at least a decent roleplayer for a team that needed a backup PG / Bank Idk veteran presence, it just seems strange to me that his career was basically “all or nothing” where he was average from a start for a team 12/14 PPG while firing relatively effectively from the ground and at 3-point range and then give up / cut and can’t even find a place as a 10/15 MPG RPG player It seems like there needs to be a middle ground where he can help a team without having to start

Jeremy Lin

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