Transferred to a premise better suited to the syndicated sitcoms in TV Land than the home of The Mandalorian, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany’s debut tomorrow on The Streamer is mostly a baby boomer punch line looking Another way to say, based on the three episodes the House of Mouse made available, is that the limited series created by Jac Schaeffer lies well in the wheelhouse of the endless build of the Kevin Feige-led Marvel Cinematic Universe and not in a good way

Now that two Matt Shakman-directed episodes will be released on Jan. January fall and the rest weekly until 5 March follows, it is still early for WandaVision. Perhaps the promised and hyped payout is worth it, and this will not lead to a lenient conversion by Three’s Company, Who’s The Boss and Moonlighting

Otherwise, despite some hilarious gigs, cameos from Stark Industries, and a heavy homage to past generations of television, what’s more annoying is that the Augury so far has predicted yet another obvious example of a corporate machine in motion that has storytelling settled in Regardless of what critics are wrestling their hands over or not, fans will do their expected duty and sign up as Disney subscribers – that is Wall Street’s real desire

After a major drought since the omnibuster Avengers: Endgame and more than a year after Disney launched and with all the delays caused by Covid-19 keeping Black Widow on the shelf, the thirst for more Marvel is strong right now / p>

WandaVision dates back to 2019, when the Russo brothers brought together at least two comic sagas with the characters Scarlet Witch and Vision, and transports the cooing couple of Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff and Bettany’s capped Android to a kind of suburban happiness

It is becoming apparent that by the end of the endgame, Vision was still dead amid the literal and figurative architecture of The Dick Van Dyke Show, Bewitched, and The Brady Bunch, it is trickling away pretty quickly that in the land of picket fences and dead ends, everything isn’t in Order is – as expected

Despite all of its edgy and cultural references, WandaVision is not breaking new ground and sometimes seems to move backwards in the Marvel 35mm legacy

The show lacks lessons from the urban underbelly and maturity of Netflix’s now-closed Marvel series like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and to a lesser extent Daredevil, even the Marvel TV O.G by agents of SHiEL.D. did this kind of thing a lot better, with the limitations of being on a broadcast network like ABC

WandaVision was planted in the PG-13 galaxy by Disney and fueled by Feige’s self-published love of old school sitcoms It tastes like small screen white bread sprinkled with sugar.All of this isn’t much to chew on, leaving the visually stunning limited edition little more than an opening price for the upcoming The Falcon and Winter Solider, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel and the teased bad humor of Loki

After all the billions and billions of dollars in box office Marvel has made over the past 12 years, it seems almost impossible to remember how many times they got it wrong before – Let me help you as a seasoned fan – there’s the incoherent Iron Man 3, the insulting first season of Iron Fist, the terrible Inhumans, and the second Thor movie, WandaVision is on that list for at least one preliminary run

Though Olsen and Manhunt: Unabomber vet Bettany are stuck with creaky material that will mostly end up with the AARP crowd, they prove to be wonderfully timed comic actors in the tropics, the former already having her talents in the genre as established in Ingrid Goes West from 2017 and the latter brings its best Hugh Laurie to WandaVision

Transparent alum Kathryn Hahn is new to the MCU and rarely less than great She’s a delightful stereotype as the drunk and angry neighbor Agnes, who befriends Wanda, we think

Monica Rambeau of Teyonah Parris doesn’t really air until the third episode and is the most obvious connection to Captain Marvel and more of the upcoming fourth phase as the opening of WandaVision opens about a third of the run since all the Easter eggs in the first trio of the WandaVision episodes can be seen, the other announced Marvel participants Kat Dennings and Randall Park will not appear in the opening round

In the words of Johnny Rotten on the last Sex Pistols show with a drug addict Sid Vicious, “Do you ever feel like you’ve been cheated on?”


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