shares of Vaxart Inc
plunged 429% in premarket trading on Wednesday after the company said its COVID-19 oral vaccine candidate was well tolerated in a Phase 1 clinical trial but did not generate neutralizing antibodies among participants, Vaxart said its experimental vaccine was immunogenic in the preliminary results; however, it has also been said that neutralizing antibodies were not detected in serum or IgG antibodies were “not found in most subjects.” IgG antibodies are commonly detected in people who have recovered from COVID-19 infection The company said that additional data from the Phase 1 study will be presented at a symposium in New York on Wednesday afternoon.The clinical trial tested two dosage plans in 20 participants358 up 1% last year The S&P 500
is up 186% in the past 12 months

VXRT Stock

World News – US – Vaxart stock falls 42% after early-stage COVID-19 vaccine study results are released