After Cal sabotaging himself over the past two weeks, he delivered a largely flawless performance to take his long-awaited first win of the season, a 21-17 surprise from No. 23 Oregon

The Bears (1-3) finally took the lead in Chase Garbers’ 28-yard touchdown pass for Nikko Remigio in the middle of the fourth quarter and let the defense do the rest

Kuony Deng forced some fiddling in the fourth quarter, Cameron Goode had 35 tackles due to loss out of his seven tackles and Braxten Croteau, who was back in quarantine after missing two games, made a big fourth stop low early in the fourth quarter in Cal

PLAYER AVAILABILITY: Cal announced that offensive guard Valentino Daltoso, who was among the three O-linemen who missed the last two games in quarantine to meet COVID-19 tracking protocols, will once again suspend the the other two, tackles against Jake Curhan and Will Craig, were cleared earlier this week. Newcomer Stanley McKenzie is also out, who will miss his fourth game in a row with an unknown injury

12:59 1st Qtr: Cal forces Oregon to stab at first possession. Bears take over on their own 27

11:25 1st Qtr: A three-and-off for the Oregon bears fair catch on the boat on their own 22

8:06 1 Qtr: Ducks Draw First Blood They walk 74 yards from their own 23 to Cal 3 before settling for a 21-yard FG from Henry Katleman Tyler Shough with a 12-yard run and an 18-yard Conclusion for Travis Dye on the drive and two defensive sentences against the bears fuel the gate drive Oregon 3, Cal 0

2:23 1st Qtr: Impressive ride from the bears going 75 yards in 13 games, even after Oregon made a few stops from the 1-yard line. Chase Garbers puts the TD to a 1-yard -Sneak Garbers was on the ride 6-on-7 for 58 yards, including conversions to a couple of third-down passes. He made passes to 5 different destinations. And that made the PAT Cal 7, Oregon 3

END OF 1 QTR: Cal is at the beginning of the second quarter before a 2 and 14 of its own 16 The Bears had a total of 84 yards in the Garber’s quarter was 7-for-7 for 65 yards The Bears rushed only 19 Oregon had 76 yards, including 3-for-6 for 39 yards from Shough The ducks ran 37 yards of possession time and total games just about Cal 7, Oregon 3

5:31 2 Quarter: Cal walks 80 yards in a time-consuming 19-game drive and finally scores Bradrick Shaw’s first-round goal after the third costly penalty against the Ducks, Oregon apparently stopped in fourth place when Garber’s Jake Tenges was incomplete Threw But Oregon Safety Brenden Williams was flagged for pass interference – a call that appeared shaky while playing before Oregon had kept Cal’s drive alive after being punished for having too many players on the field when the bears poked Then Ducks star D lineman Kayvon Thibodeaux was charged with unsportsmanlike conduct for pushing Cal OT Jake Curhan after narrowing a passing game with the third relegation first down mark, Cal now has a 35-16 lead in games and a head start from 158-76 in yards Cal 14, Oregon 3

2:08 2nd Qtr: Shough rises to find Johnny Johnson III alone on the right sideline for a 39-yard touchdown in a third-and-16 game. The ducks go 75 yards in seven games -Yard pass from Shough to Jaylon Redd was a key game on the drive Two penalties on the Oregon PAT pushed the ball back to the point where Katleman had to kick the equivalent of a 41-yard field goal to get the 1- To get point PAT He did it Cal 14, Oregon 10

0:23 2nd Qtr: Oregon uses a matchup advantage, with Shough RB Dye, who simply ran past Kuony Deng, threw deep to the right for a 67-yard finish to Cal 8. Shough ran 7 meters to 1 and RB Cyrus Habibi-Likio piled into the end zone from there. The ducks walked 75 yards in 3 games in a “ride” that lasted only 23 seconds. Cal added with a poor exertion to his previous possession, giving Oregon another shot to Oregon 17, Cal 14

HALF-TERM SUMMARY: The Bears controlled the first 25 minutes of half with a ball control that gave a 14-3 lead on the strength of two drives that consumed 152 yards and took 3:34 from the clock in 32 games Ducks showed their offensive firepower with the last two possessions, walking 150 meters in just 10 games, which required only 3:46 game time

Oregon not only goes into halftime with the lead, but also with a margin of 236 to 168 yards. The first losses were even (11-11) and neither team had sales that were 10 to 16 for 94 yards and Garbers the bears rushed for 74 yards (28 per carry) shough was 7 versus 11 for 171 yards and a touchdown The ducks had 65 rushing yards (43 per carry) The ducks showed that time of possession isn’t all Cal had the ball for 18:53, Oregon for only 11:07 But Oregon 17, Cal 14

5:14 3 Quarter: On their third possession, the Bears take the lead back runs of 9 and 14 yards from Marcel Dancy get things going before Chase Garbers throws 10 yards to Nikko Remigio at Oregon 28 and then throws him in the end zone for a 28-yard -Touchdown Game Finds Cal Making His Third PAT in a Row, No Small Deal After The Week Remigio had 4 catches for 9 yards in Cal’s first 4 games Tonight: 4 catches for 63 yardsCal 21, Oregon 17

END OF 3 QTR: Oregon will have an initial loss at Cal 46 earlier in the quarter. Total yards through three quarters: Oregon 284, Cal 270 First Runs: Cal 17, Oregon 13 Cal as a 62-40 lead in games, but the Ducks gain 71 yards each Snap on 44 for the Garbers bears is 18-for-27 for 175 yards and a touchdown Remigio Lives! Has 5 receptions for 76 yards and a TD shough is 8-for-18 for 182 yards and a TD Cal 21, Oregon 17

12:48 4 Quarter: Braxten Croteau with a big stop on Oregon’s CJ Verdell in fourth and first place from Cal 18 Verdell loses a yard and Cal takes over Cal 21, Oregon 17

8:47 4 Quarter: First turnover of the game to be made by the Cal defense Kuony Deng hits the ball off QB Tyler Shough and Cameron Goode recovers at the Bears 46 yard line Cal 21, Oregon 17

0:52 4 Quarter: Kuony Deng hits wide receiver Johnny Johnson III and freshman Mo Iosefa recovers 52 seconds to freeze the win. End result: Cal 21, Oregon 17

This would be the day Cal challenged Oregon for supremacy in the Pac-12 North

That was, of course, before the coronavirus pandemic reshuffled civilization along with the college football world

Nothing this fall was what anyone was expecting. Sure, Alabama has still entered the day undefeated, but pretty much everything else has been messed up dramatically

The Bears (0-3) are selected second in the Pac-12 North and hit a 5 in December, still looking for their first win. Cal has only started a 0-4 season three times since 1882

No 23 Oregon (3-1), the strong favorites in the north, lost 41-38 to rivals Oregon State, which highlighted the ducks’ defensive battles

So who knows what could happen at Memorial Stadium today.There will be no fans and honestly no expectations of how the day might turn out.As most of 2020 has shown, there is simply no way of knowing what is going to be next comes

*** Cal trainer Justin Wilcox talks about improving the Bears’ defenses over the past two weeks earlier this week:

*** Wilcox shares his thoughts on the senior center Michael Saffell who got over the injury to play in the big game last week:

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