President Joe Biden’s communications director called on the U on Sunday Home to Quickly Approve the $ 1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Now After Passing the Senate

Kate Bedingfield said the government hopes there will be enough support for the measure in the Democratically controlled House that will review the bill on Tuesday Democrats are only 10 votes ahead in the chamber

“This is a historic and transformative bill that the Senate just passed,” Bedingfield told CNN’s State of the Union. “When you’re a member of Congress and wondering what’s the best thing to do quickly to help the people in your district, I believe this law will be passed“So we definitely hope the house will move quickly”

The bill was returned to the House after the Senate changed the measure before the bill was passed In particular, the income limits for receiving the stimulus checks have been increased from 1Lowered $ 400 and decreased additional unemployment benefits from $ 400 per week in the House of Representatives version to $ 300 and deletion of a provision to increase the federal minimum wage to USD 15 per hour

Several progressive members of the House of Representatives, including Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, D-12 They have raised concerns about the Senate changes, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NYI even tweeted Watson Coleman’s complaint that she was “honestly disgusted by some of my colleagues and asked if I can support this bill”

But Bedingfield called the bill a “progressive bill” when citing U’s praise Sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vt

“You have heard Senator Sanders say this is the best law for working people in the modern history of this country,” she said. “This is a bill that reflects President Biden’s belief that the best way to get around To get the economy going and growing again is to invest in working and middle-class people ”

Some provisions were scaled back to gain support from US Sen Joe Manchin, D-WVa, whose support was critical because no Senate Republicans voted on the bill, Manchin said the Senate changes had better geared the bill to those who needed it most

“This was a targeted piece of legislation,” Manchin told ABCs this week, “It was because people need the help, and we helped every scenario. We also targeted our cities, our counties, and our communities where they will be For the first time, they have money to use and control their own destiny with infrastructure Now they can repair water pipes, sewer lines they can get internet ”

The legislation would 1$ 400 stimulus checks for individuals with incomes up to 75$ 000 and 2$ 800 for couples with incomes up to 150$ 000 for adults and children would 1Received $ 400

The checks would expire and expire when individuals over 80Earn $ 000 and Couples more than 160Earning $ 000, The Institute of Taxes and Economic Policy, an advanced research group, said $ 400000 fewer New Jersey residents would receive payments due to income limits lower than the original bill

While 62% of Americans, including one-third of Republicans, supported the $ 1 billion plan in a Monmouth University poll in late February, and 68% of Americans, including 37% of Republicans, supported it in a poll from Quinnipiac University earlier this month Third-ranking Senate Republican John Barrasso of Wyoming dismissed these results on Sunday

“If people find out what’s on that bill, they’ll lose a lot of their excitement for it because the spending wasn’t really about coronavirus,” Barrasso, chairman of the Republican Senate Conference, said on NBCs ” Meet the Press “This was a liberal wish list with liberal editions that were basically just pork stuffed”

Barrasso complained that Biden and the Democrats in Congress refused to work with Republicans on the measure.Congress passed several coronavirus stimulus bills last year with the support of both parties, but then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R -Ky, also tried and failed to pass laws that excluded Democratic priorities while refusing to account for the $ 2 trillion spending passed by the House Democrats that included another round of economic reviews

However, Manchin said Republicans’ concerns were reflected in the bill the Senate passed, despite no GOP lawmakers voting yes, saying that the first lawmaker Biden met in the White House was about that To discuss stimulus package, 10 Republican senators were countering a $ 618 spending bill that he rejected

“He thought we had to do a lot more, which is his prerogative, and I support him in that, but that gave us a lot of input from Republican friends throughout the process,” Manchin said on ABC

“Much of the changes we made, and which essentially went into this process, came from working with my Republican and Democratic colleagues,” he continued. “They just couldn’t get there in the end, and President Biden encouraged them them to get involved throughout. He talked to them until the end ”

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