– Episode 4 (of 8), “Chapter 12: The Siege”
Written by John Favreaux
– Directed by Carl Withers

The Razor Crest blade travels through space, causing the superdrive to fail. The kid sits inside a narrow channel of the Mandalorian ship trying to steer the kid to fix the wires but puts the oppositely charged red and blue cables together, causing a slight burn, Mando says. It’s worth shooting. “

The Mandalorians and the child drink soup together Mando realizes that they will never reach Corvus, Jedi Ahsoka Tano, without repairs, so he decides to visit some old friends “How do you want to go back to Nivaru?” He asked

In a bar in Nevaru, a group of aquatic argue about how to eat a cute creature that looks like meerkats, while dividing some illegal spoils among them a mysterious person entering the room “It’s the Marshal!” A member of the group says, as Cara Dune attacks, resulting in them all falling into a blast / knife battle that the meerkats – to which they shine – tell they will not eat them, collect the loot, and are ready to be returned to their rightful owners

“It looks like someone can use some fixes,” says Razor Crest in Nevarro, while Greef Karga and Dune exit town to greet Mando and the child. The Mandalorian asks about his credit standing, Karga says he is sure something can be arranged, puts His best on the job picks up the baby Karga and takes him back to town where a mechanic (looks a bit fishy) watches him leave

The city is now thriving and Karga credits Dune for cleaning it up. Mando explains that his ship was damaged in a skirmish with the New Republic, and Karga expressed the view that the republic should leave the outer rim alone – “If the empire can’t settle it, what makes them Think they can? ”

They arrive at the Cantina where Karga used to give the Mandalorians free hunting tasks that have been cleaned up and turned into a school, where a female protocols teach the town’s children – lesson is the geography of the galaxy Karga suggests leaving the child in school – Mando opposes that “wherever she goes, he goes,” says Karga They don’t want to take a child where they are going, and Dion gave her her word that it would be safe for Yoda to sit at a table in class, using force to steal a box of blue biscuits from a boy in the classroom

Karga, Dune, and Mandalorian all returned to Karga’s office, and interrupted Mythrol Mando who was arrested before taking the job of Baby Yoda “There is no registration on board, but I am sure it belongs “So said Maithrol on the caller, before it was cut off Mando was surprised to see, so Karga explained that Mythrol had taken care of his books for years, but he went without permission after a little bit of“ creative accounting ”Mithrol is now paying off his debts – for the next 350 years.

They have a job for Mando, while Razor Crest is being repaired An old imperial base is on the other side of Nevaru – that’s where all of Mov Gideon’s forces have come, and they now seem to be working by a skeleton crew that Karga says there are a lot of heavy weapons that the black market likes to get It says “Do you want to get rid of the last imperial power before they do?” Mando states, clearly Karga says he only wants the empire off Nivaru, because then the planet will be safe and can become a trade anchor for the sector

They drive with Mythrol at cruise controls the plan is to cause the reactor to overload the base to blow up the base, while keeping Mythrol maintaining speed in a quick escape Mythrol is hesitant to get too close, so Karga says he can either take them To the front door and disposing of a hundred years of debt, or he walks home alone through lava pools with what is left in his wet chest

The control switches at the base door melted Mythrol tries to leave, claiming he’s dehydrated, so Karga offers him an extra 30 years of his debt and asks him to grab a lip-cutter to speed it up though, Mando doesn’t want to wait, asking others to hold together well Seconds before moving to the platform, a storm trooper fell beside them and opened the door to enter the base.

They found the Mandalorians and the trio of Storm Trooper bodies “An empty base, right?” Mando asks Mythrol that he discovered Trexler Marauder with mint and says he can get a lot for it on the black market, but Mando says it’s irrelevant because he’s going to evaporate soon

The Dune stops the security officer and they take his blade cylinder, they move through the collector and open the reactor door, over a lava pit they send Mythrol to drain the cooling lines and release a chain reaction The lava pit starts to emerge, and they think they have about 10 minutes to get out before everything explodes.

When the storm troopers begin to move on the base, they find two imperial scientists are dumping computer drives while Mando, Dune and Karga shoot their pistols, the scientists shoot the console – apparently they want to destroy every bit of information they find a row of Tanks contain hideously mutilated corpses, and Dune realizes this is not a military base – it’s a lab that Dune is telling Mythrol to access computers to see what the empire is doing

He arrives at Hulu to Dr. Pershing, the scientist who worked alongside the client, explaining his experiences, saying: “We replicated the results of subsequent experiments, which also led to a catastrophic failure. There were promising effects for two weeks, but then, unfortunately, the body rejected Blood I highly doubt we will find a donor who has a higher M count ”

He recommends suspending more experiments, because he fears that the volunteer will face the same “unfortunate” fate as other people taking the test if they continue to have blood transfusions. He also admits that the child’s blood has run out because he was unable to harvest only a limited amount without killing him for the continuation of the experiments, Requires more access to the donor – also known as the child

Mando says the transmission must be old because he thinks Mov Gideon is dead and instead, Mithroll said he’s only three days old now that he knows Gideon is alive, Mando realizes the baby is in danger, so he’s back in town to save him. Karga, Dune, and Mythrol all the way to the express chauffeur but meet up with Stormtroopers on the road

Mando works his way back to the core of the reactor, where the lava reaches a critical point and is attacked by Stormtroopers but manages to return to the surface

The sand dunes, Karga, and Mithrol rise to the surface but are surrounded by more soldiers. The dune runs to the Marauder and activates it, drives to Karga and Mythrol with all other escape routes closed, drives the transport on the edge of the cliff, lands on the faster Mythrol car they head to Canyon with faster bikes in pursuit – much faster than transportation, and they instantly turn Karga’s Venetian Tower out and take out one of the speedy bikes

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The remaining two speeds surround the vehicle and move out of Karga’s range. Sand dunes crush one on the side of the ravine, but the other climbs onto the surface, arming a heat detonator at the right time. Karga places the scout in his sight and detonates it

They think they have fled, but the TIE fighters take off from the base and attack from the air. The transport will not be faster, and Karga struggles to reach fast-moving targets when he finally manages to take out the TIE Fighter, the shrapnel destroys the turret

When they approach town, they lose the protection of the canyon and effectively set up a blanket afterwards, a TIE fighter is attacked and destroyed by unknown explosives – they belong to the well-repaired Razor Crest and a truly Mandalorian quickly wipes out the remaining TIE fighters despite the kid He loves a roller coaster ride, except that he ended up buying the blue biscuit he was eating

Karga summons Mando and asks him what he owes him with this great flying. “With the fixes, let’s call it up,” he says, cleaning up the child he asks Carga if he can buy a drink for Mandu, but Mando says he has to keep moving, to stay ahead of Mov Gideon before realizing that something was happening in Nevaru

Two new X-Wings wings parked outside of town Pilot (who looks like a cop) Carson asked Tifa Karga if he remembered anything else before the base blew up he says he doesn’t ask the pilot of the Rebel about the Razor Crest as he jumps away, but Karga says he didn’t Nothing says Razor Crest Teva mentions the transceiver record, but Karga says the controlling robot could not recognize anything before the empire: “The isn’t Coruscant” Karga says he’ll tell Teva if anything happens in the future – if he’s outside This limit again

Tifa told Dion that she accomplished the job of cleaning up the system, and the records say she is a great soldier – the new republic can really use it she says it’s not carpentry says that something is going on on the outer edge, and they don’t believe in it in the base realms, but it’s true this Not isolated incidents [with former imperialists] they should be stopped before it’s too late, but they can’t do it without local support telling her he fought during Alderaan, and telling him she lost everyone there leaving her a new republican badge

In the new Star Destroyer game, a junior imperial officer receives a message from the mechanic who fixed the Razor Crest logo saying, “The device has been implanted as you requested.” The officer tells the mechanic that they will get a good reward in the new era. Officer Mov Gideon finds to tell him that a beacon The tracing has been placed on Razor Crest, and confirms that the Mandalorian still has the “original” and “we’ll be ready,” he said, as a scientist watches shelves of what appear to be new soldiers

Verdict: Regardless of the fact that “siege” is a somewhat misleading title – who imposes the siege on whom? – This is another cool part of the show that is rarely missed.

With an outside world of Rim, Imperials, New Republic, unforgettable returning characters, some amazing action sequences and loads of legends, it’s almost as if someone took the best parts of Star Wars, rocked them, and watched them (almost) fall completely into place if This episode isn’t quite as accomplished as its predecessor, mainly because it is not very well paced

From start to finish, you won’t be anywhere but Star Wars Imperial Designs remarkably faithful to the original trilogy, but even when you close your eyes, the sound effects do the work for you – fast bike sounds and faulty hyperdrive from Razor Crest takes you straight back to The original, meanwhile, fast-paced chase across the valley and Razor Crest’s TIE Fighter hunt is a worthy heir to that distant galaxy, and exhilarating cutting tradition

But while it is fun to enjoy another adventure with the return of Cara Dune and Greef Karga – after only 12 episodes, the show has built up an unforgettable cast of recurring characters – the episode marked the imperial entanglement we now know for sure that Dr. Pershing’s experiences included Injecting Baby Yoda’s blood into the test subjects, the results were grotesque. The remnants of the empire supposedly tried to create an army of force-backed villains, but it was clear that things did not go as planned.

With an Empire tracker now on Razor Crest, however, the scenes are really good on Mando and his young companion if they find Ahsoka Tano in Episode 5 then don’t be surprised if the imperialists are nearby

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