Former Iowa Hurricane Guard Teres Halliburton was drafted by the Sacramento Kings in the 2020 NBA Draft 2020 Halliburton Kings took down 12 general choices in the 2020 NBA Draft

Halliburton, a 6-foot-5-foot-175-pound tornado, spent two seasons in Iowa and quickly put himself on the map in his first year in Iowa, Halliburton started 34 of 35 games, averaging 68 points, 36 Assists, 34 rebounds and 15 steals per game Halliburton revealed his talent level in his new season, earning him a place in the U-19 Men’s Basketball World Cup 2019 in the USA, which won a gold medal under Kansas state coach Bruce Weber Halliburton averaged 79 points and the championship best had 69 assists per match during the World Cup.

After appearing on the world stage, Haliburton made a big leap forward in 2019-20 as the Hurricanes struggled as a team, setting a record of 12-19 years and 5–13 in the regular season, Halliburton setting some of the best numbers in the league His 15-year average averaged 2 points, 65 assists and 25 steals per match in his second season with Hurricanes his play earned him the Second Team All-Big 12 Tribute and was named to USBWA All-District VI

“If we’re talking about who is the best overall basketball player, just from top to bottom, who has the fewest weaknesses in this draft? For me, I’m Therese Halliburton,” says Mike Schmitz, ESPN NBA project analyst, To Scott Van Pelt in late October, “He can shoot it, he can go out of choice, he can go through a transition. He can defend the ball to the best of their ability. He’s a great brain basketball.”

Halliburton graduated from Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the 2018 recruitment class, was a three-star candidate and was the third-highest-ranked employment in the Iowa Recruitment category for 2018 under coach Steve Brohm Haliburton received only Power Five offers from Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota , Plus multiple offers from now smaller schools, it appears that he may have been a little overlooked in the hiring process years ago.

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“I think this has been my goal all my life,” Halliburton said of the NBA in March “Society means a lot to me and it is clear that a lot of kids look at me around this area and I just wanted to show the kids to chase their dreams and I hope to be able to Reaching my dream and getting to the other NBA The kids will have dreams to do other things and keep chasing them and not only think because of where they came from, they can not do it I hope I inspire other young kids to do the same.

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