AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Anger over the Texas power grid, which went down in the face of a record freezing winter, continued to rise to millions of residents in the U’s energy capital on WednesdayS. They trembled without the assurance that their electricity and warmth – in many households since Monday – would soon return or stay as soon as they finally did

“I know people are angry and frustrated,” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said Tuesday, “Me too,”

In total, nearly 3 million Texas customers were still without electricity as of Wednesday after historic snowfall and single-digit temperatures spiked electricity demand to warm homes unused to such extreme lows on the state’s electrical grid kinked and blackouts were widespread. Much of Texas was warned again of a winter storm on Wednesday

To make matters worse, the expectation that the outages would be a common victim of the state’s 30 million residents quickly gave way to a cold reality, as pockets in some of America’s largest cities, including San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin, Left to shoulder the continued brunt of a catastrophic power outage, and in freezing conditions that Texas operators had known would come

The collapse sparked growing outrage and calls for answers about how Texas – whose Republican leaders mocked California last year for rolling power outages in the Democratic-run state – failed such a massive test of a key point of state pride: energy independence And it cut through politics when smoking Texans on social media highlighted how downtown skylines glowed despite desperate calls for energy savings while their neighborhoods were frozen in the dark on Monday night

“We’re very angry, I’ve been looking for my neighbor, she’s angry too,” said Amber Nichols in upstate Austin. “We’re all angry because there’s no reason to freeze entire neighborhoods”

She ground her parka and galoshes through ice while her neighbors dug their driveways of six inches of snow to move their cars

Number of outages was a growing concern Harris County emergency officers reported “multiple carbon monoxide deaths” in or around Houston, reminding people not to run cars or gasoline-powered generators indoors, according to authorities, three young children and theirs died Grandmother believed to be trying to keep warm in a house fire in a suburb of Houston in Galveston early Tuesday, the medical examiner’s office requested a refrigerator truck to expand body storage despite the district judge Mark Henry said he did not know how many deaths there had been from the weather

Republican government Greg Abbott on Tuesday called for an investigation by the network manager, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. His outrage took on a very different tone than the day before when he told Texans that ERCOT gives priority to private customers and that hundreds of thousands of Households are supplied with electricity again

But hours after these assurances, the number of outages in Texas only rose to over 4 million customers at one point

ERCOT announced on Wednesday morning that by Tuesday evening 600000 households and businesses were supplied with electricity again, but that 27 million households were still without electricity

The power grid started preparing for the storm a week in advance, but hit a breaking point early Monday as conditions deteriorated and power plants went out of service, ERCOT President Bill Magness said. Some wind turbines were iced up but in natural gas – and coal-fired power stations were wiped out almost twice as much electricity. Forcing controlled outages is the only way to avert an even worse blackout in Texas, Magness said

Even so, Magness said ERCOT could not offer a firm schedule for full power restoration. The outages are the widest grid in Texas, but hardly a winter premiere. A decade ago, another deep freeze caused February Power outages in Texas the same week the Arlington Super Bowl was played, a federal report later reported system failures, including power plants that cannot withstand extreme cold

On Tuesday, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said Texas has requested 60 generators and that hospitals and nursing homes have priority. Thirty-five thermal protection rooms have been opened to accommodate more than 1To accommodate 000 people across the state, FEMA said during a briefing. But they were not spared the outages either, as Houston had to close two on Monday due to a power outage

Ed Hirs, an energy scholar at the University of Houston, said the problem is a lack of weathered power plants and a nationwide energy market failing to encourage businesses to generate power when demand is low in Texas, when demand peaks in August , at the height of the state’s sultry summers

“This is nonsense. It is not acceptable,” said Hirs. “We have really bad winters every eight to ten years. That is no surprise”

Joshua Rhodes, an energy researcher at the University of Texas at Austin, said the state’s power grid fell victim to a cold spell that was longer, deeper, and more prevalent than Texas had for decades

“We need to plan for more of this type of weather. People said this would never happen in Texas, and yet it has”

Stephanie Murdoch, 51, started bundling up with blankets, two pairs of pants, three pairs of socks, a hat and gloves at her Dallas apartment building since the power went out early Monday.She said she was concerned about another winter blast Weather forecast for Tuesday night and the possibility that the pipes of your house could burst

“There is a serious lack of preparation on the part of energy companies not to be ready,” Murdoch said

In Houston, Barbara Matthews said she lived in her home until Monday night, at which point the 73-year-old finally called 911 and was taken to the nearby foundry church, where dozens of other people also sought refuge on the drive there, she noticed a subdivision just down the street that had electricity

“It’s annoying how some parts of the street are lit and then we don’t,” said Matthews. “When they said rolling blackouts, I took them at their word”

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