MOSCOW – Russian scientists say the country’s Sputnik V vaccine appears safe and effective against Covid-19 following initial results of an advanced study published in a UK medical journal

The news is a boost to the shot that is increasingly being bought by nations around the world desperately trying to stop the devastation caused by the pandemic

Researchers say that based on their study, which took place last fall in Russia, the vaccine was about 20000 people were involved, 91 percent effective and that the shot apparently also prevents people with Covid-19 from getting seriously ill The study was published online in the journal Lancet on Tuesday

The Sputnik V vaccine was enthusiastically approved by the Russian government in August 11 President Vladimir Putin personally carried the news on national television, saying that one of his daughters had already been vaccinated with the vaccine at only several at the time Dozen people have been tested

Some early results were published in September, but participants were only followed for about 42 days and there was no comparison group

The latest study is based on research that took place between September and November 20000 people over the age of 18 participated in 25 hospitals in Moscow, three quarters of whom received two doses of the Russian vaccine 21 days apart and the remainder received placebo shots

The most commonly reported side effects were flu-like symptoms, injection site pain, and fatigue.Serious side effects were rare in both groups and four deaths were reported in the study, although none were considered a result of the vaccine

The study included more than 2100 people over the age of 60 and the vaccine appeared to be about 92 percent effective for them

The Russian vaccine uses a modified version of the common cold adenovirus to deliver genes for the spike protein in the coronavirus to prepare the body to respond if Covid-19 comes along, which is a technology similar to that used by AstraZeneca and Vaccine Developed by Oxford University In contrast to this two-dose vaccine, the Russians used a slightly different adenovirus for the second booster shot

Sputnik V was introduced in Russia in December in a large-scale vaccination campaign Doctors and teachers were the first to get the shot. Last month, Putin ordered efforts to ramp up and mass vaccinations started

In early January, the Russian Direct Investment Fund, which financed the sting, announced that over 1 million Russians had already been vaccinated with the domestically developed shot.Some Russian media questioned the number, suggesting that adoption had been much slower be Many Russian regions reported a low number of vaccinations

Outside Russia, Sputnik V has received approval in over a dozen countries – including the former Soviet republics of Belarus, Armenia, and Turkmenistan, according to the fund Latin American nations including Argentina, Bolivia, and Venezuela; Some African nations as well as Serbia, Iran, Palestine and the United Arab Emirates

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