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The four-year-old election data firm Decision Desk HQ, which competes with the Associated Press and network press offices to run races on election night (and beyond), has beat his best-known rivals to call Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States

He made the call at 8:50 a.m. EST Friday morning after DDHQ projected Biden would win Pennsylvania and his 20 electoral votes, putting the candidate beyond the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency

Decision Desk HQ projects that @JoeBiden won Pennsylvania and their 20 college votes for a total of 273

None of the major networks like CNN, NBC, MSNBC or Fox have made the call yet The AP is considered the gold standard, but DDHQ has sometimes made calls faster, using a proprietary system to collect and analyze race data NBC has indicated on air that its decision-making office is not yet comfortable calling Biden the race because it’s not 995% sure Biden will win Pennsylvania, where the results of the tally. voices still arrive from Allegheny County to Pittsburgh

DDHQ examines probable proportions of Democratic to Republican votes in those counties and determines if enough Trump votes remain to put Trump back in the lead It also models the number of provisional ballots that are likely to be outstanding based on past races.To learn more about the science of calling races and how DDHQ is approaching it, read Fast Company’s recent article on The business Decision Desk HQ projection models are used by publications such as The Economist, BuzzFeed and Vox

Scott Tranter, who heads the appeal team at DDHQ, said they were awaiting a final drop in Pennsylvania state data on a slice of votes cast in Philadelphia It arrived early Friday morning

“We knew that as long as Biden came out on top on that Philly crash, that was enough and Biden wasn’t going to give up his lead,” Tranter says. “He’s going to increase his lead throughout the day, depending on the trends and modeling that we have ”(While on the phone with Tranter, Biden’s lead actually increased by a few hundred more votes)

Tranter says his team could see Biden outperforming Hillary Clinton’s vote total in most of Pennsylvania counties Where Clinton won the counties by half a percentage point, he said , Biden won them by two or three points

“We had those benchmarks and we were getting good data from the state on what was exceptional; we had good pre-election night models, “Tranter says” We just had a lot of good data points that we could tick off to know that once Biden was ahead we knew he wasn’t going. not give it”

FiveThirtyEight poll analyst Nate Silver tweeted favorably on DDHQ’s decision early Friday “Good for them Result has been apparent for a while No reason why other sources shouldn’t follow,” Silver said. ” There are still doubts about the outcome of Georgia and Arizona, but Biden does not need these states to be elected “

If the company’s appeal holds up – and it likely will – it could dramatically increase the company’s brand awareness and credibility in the next election

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